Vote of no confidence in Barnet Council

There is a lot of in-fighting in the council between the two main parties, who thanks to the voting system, have a virtual monopoly on local decision making (i.e. cuts).

There is a motion in tonight's meeting from the Tory's housing chairman Tom Davey to explain why he has the interests of the people at heart, but it's unfortunately been misrepresented by political campaigners.  The full agenda is here

The leader of the Labour Group, whom local people may remember lost power a few years ago, has called a vote of no confidence in the Tories!
You can read the motion here
They are making quite a big thing of it in local activist circles, for instance Mrs Angry.  My prediction is Labour will vote for it but it will fall because of lack of support from the Tories.

Some housing campaigners are planning to attend on the same night for the earlier regular monthly meeting.  Good luck to them, they've felt ignored for long enough!

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