Climate change demo chants!

Chorus What shall we do with the climate changes? x3 Early in the morning
up she rises


Make them build council houses
Bricks-and-mortar safe as houses
Secure and cozy homely houses
Early in the morning

Cancel Trident missile system
Put the arms dealers in prison
Nationalise the railway system
Early in the morning

Clean up the air and the rivers in our cities
Make every garden look a little bit pretty
Feed the hungry with a meat-free curry
Early in the morning

Onshore windmills keep on spinning
Waves and sun will keep us singing
Keep the coal in the hole from beginning
Early in the morning

Keep hiring teachers till the lot are literate
Let them work for education so there's full employment
Not just for profit but for the life enjoyment
Early in the morning

Don't let the bankers tell you what to invest in
Give the guys a break when they fail the testing
Raise a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions
Early in the morning

Don't take it out on the doctors and nurses,
Midwifes didn't cause the global banking crisis,
Mental illness won't be solved by sanctioning benefits,
Early in the morning

Make a gift economy with music blaring,
Build a library so we keep on sharing,
Pay a living wage for the sisters caring,
Early in the morning