A Hebrew response to the Gaza War

This was a facebook status put through the miracle of Google Translate!

Heard .. this war called the War of the fireworks (rockets named childish caused almost zero damage despite fired hundreds ..) or gauze War (Gas - Gaza) .. Israeli state militia "sanctity" of her (IDF) no problem behave much worse Hamas and war criminals to be literally .. there's no point fighting wise there's a surge of depletion, rape, vent repellent and violent nationalist anti - essential aimed deliberately dark and clear ... the intention is scheduled deportation, a new control or takeover resources Gaza .. do not really know .. killing, violence and illiteracy full fervor that goes resonate strongly residents in Israel, the Arabs, the Jews and the Christians for years .. A new power is going to go into, created, or go here .. I pray for an international boycott on all products mainly Israeli weapons wrought dirty dark factories, polluting us the future and the chance for a normal life in the country ..

שמעו..למלחמה הזה יקראו מלחמת הזיקוקים (ע"ש הרקטות הילדותיות שהסבו כמעט אפס נזק למרות שנורו כבר מאות ..) , או מלחמת גזה (גז -עזה).. למדינה הישראלית והמיליציה "הקדושה" שלה (צה"ל) אין בעיה להתנהג הרבה יותר גרוע מהחמאס ולהיות אשכרה פושעי מלחמה .. אין פה לחימה נקודתית חכמה יש פה נחשול של התרוקנות, אונס, פורקן לאומני דוחה ואלים של אנטי-חיוניות המכוון בכוונה אפלה ברורה ומתוכננת ... הכוונה היא של גירוש, שליטה מחודשת, או השתלטות על משאבים בעזה..לא ממש יודע.. ההרג, האלימות וההתלהמות מלאת הבערות הזאת הולכת להדהד חזק בתושבי ישראל, הערבים, היהודים והנוצרים למשך שנים.. כוח חדש הולך להיכנס כאן, להיווצר או לעלות כאן .. אני מייחל לחרם בינלאומי על כל המוצרים הישראליים בעיקר על הנשק המלוכלך שמחושל בבתי חרושת אפלים, המזהמים לנו את העתיד ואת הסיכוי לחיים נורמליים בארץ ..

Greens on Gaza

Israel invades Gaza: Mixed response in Barnet & Camden

Bullet point summary of the Green Party's policies on the Middle East
-Unlike Labour, our leadership campaigned to Stop the War in Iraq and Free Palestine
-Currently reviewing our energy policy to reduce dependence on oil and gas
-International policy for Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions in solidarity with the cause
-Very much about long term peace and anti-nuclear
-Supportive of rights for all indigenous nations from Catalonia to Scotland
-Clear that anti-semitism is not tolerated but criticising Israel is not necessarily anti-semitic.
-The Federation of Young European Greens includes people from Israel and the Arab World
-For more information about the Young Greens international work, contact Paul Scott Cohen
-Ryan is working on an emergency motion to Green Party annual conference, in Birmingham.

I do not know how much you know about Gaza but because of the high birth and death rate, the vast majority of the population is aged under 30.  The world "nabka" means disaster in Arabic and Nabka Day ( يوم النكبة Yawm an-Nakba), 15 May, on Israel's Independence Day, marks the time where Gazan's grandparents were expelled from villages to clear land for the state of Israel.

  The London Green Party can ignore this at their peril, but as the London Assembly elections approach we need to find well-organised activists like London Pal-Socs and take action to include them in the Green Party.  White-dominated issues like divestment from fossil fuels are not going to attract them.

The challenge for the London Young Greens is to find a clear narrative that shows why these issues of injustice and climate change are intertwined and are best solved by one party.  As much as we would love to focus on local housing campaigns, they are a lost cause at this time as activists go and get involved in demonstrating against Israel's bombing and ground invasion of Gaza.  Only in this campaign can they form grassroots groups, gain skills, and increase confidence as campaigners.  Then when it dies down they will have more time for elections and local campaigns.

The writer is a member of the London Young Greens, stood twice as a Barnet Green Party candidate in West Hendon, and used to represent 30,000 Jewish students at plenery sessions of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Cat Hill, Chipping Barnet: A New Hope

I had the pleasure of an over-night visit Hertfordshire and North London's premier eco-protest, meeting Morgan the dedicated eco-warrior, and a number of local and squatting residents.  I did not get much sleep.  The police came out to see what was going on too, called twice that day by the security guard of the property developer. So far, newts have lost their homes, and the dreams of future generations literally crushed.  The former Middlesex University Cat Hill Campus offers real personal growth, excitement, and connection with people and the environment.  London's Green Belt is very much under threat and I would encourage readers to start similar campaigns to save the trees locally.  
We at Cat Hill Protest camp urge the Government to seriously read all the regulations they plan to cut, in case we lose something that we love.  And what is money, growth, and dividends ultimately but a piece of paper?