My response to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

 Boris Johnson

LBC asked whether I back him?  I laugh. I laugh.  He should resign.

You say it is the hypocrisy. I say it's the corruption.

I have a science training.  He is more of a classicist.

Here in Hendon constituency my MP - Matthew Offord - has done nothing in the last year about Covid.  

Did you see the crisis coming?

If you look at Offord's website it is out of date.  it still says it is a legal requirement to stay at home.
Why is that?
He likes to tell people what to do.  But they won't do it themselves.

Why do they like telling people what to do?

When they are clinging onto power, for Boris Johnson the crisis is a good thing.  When you have a population in fear then they will be too afraid to overthrow him.  He should resign for many, many reasons.

If he was trying to keep people in fear though, wouldn't he be imposing more restrictions, which he was stopped from doing really by the back bench rebellion that he suffered?

No, I don't see them as restrictions at all.  I am staying home for my own safety and because I am on the vaccine trial and I don't want to get it before I get my booster.  By the way, 50% have failed to get boosted so I don't blame anyone except Boris Johnson.  He set an unrealistic target for December.

Now in the new year he's got absolute Chutzpah, he's got the nerve, to tell us that we should all get boosted.  What? To give him immunity.

The People's covid inquiry report shows very clearly I think.  The public inquiry will show what the people's covid inquiry showed which is that there was an exercise to prepare for the pandemic.  You can't say he didn't see it coming because the government had an exercise to prepare for a coronavirus pandemic.  Now what did Boris Johnson learn from that?

Well, to serve his own ends.

There is an alternative.  It's called a Zero Covid strategy.  We have it in Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, a strategy by which we can keep the infection down to a manageable level.