An exciting Party Conference

I've been reading the Sunday Times' full page on the Liberal Democrats conference in Bournemouth. I am expecting similar coverage afforded to the Green Party's Conference in Bournemouth. It's always hilarious getting actual media coverage. With over a million people having voted Green, they are thirsty for news. The coverage is not always positive. I think the Green Party's climate policy based on a cap and trade, does not provide the right incentives for people to cut down on unnecessary car journeys, flights, and polluting investments. However, the Lib Dems Green Deal took the Greens Corbynomics and turned it into a flimsy sales operation which is now dead in the water. The Tories should be ashamed of themselves for cutting Green Taxes. In her conference speech, the Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will criticise all the other parties whilst expressing the Green vision of policy over gossip and personality, hope of a future over fear of the other party. I don't expect what I want to hear from the Wales Green Party Leader in her speech but that is not for me to judge, because we've decided to give the Wales branch of the party as much autonomy as possible; which is likely to mean no pacts with Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales. That said, with social cleansing there's a chance I will be moving out of Hendon unless housing prices come in line with earnings. I am looking forward to a break out event promoting the regions; where I will be plotting my plans for London. I will be attending a workshop on a minor change to abortion policy. I am very much looking forward to a discussion on the role of youth organisations voices in the climate change movement. A press release from Caroline Lucas on the Green Party website put a lot of emphasis on what goes on inside. I for one will be focused on the protests against fossil fuels involvement: watch this space. I had a very good day yesterday. Let's have a conference bounce and show we can overtake the Lib Dems in the London and Welsh Assembly elections next year.