Guest Post: Extinction Rebellion

Science and Policy

I don't claim to be a scientist
I can't stand here and argue all the claims on climate change.
However there are thousands upon thousands of scientsts from all over the globe who have brought forward evidence to back up the claims of man made climate change including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

On the current direction of actions of most governments, the Paris agreement will not be met.

The continuing use of fossil fuels through aviation, fracking, the industrial machine, in conjunction with cutting down the world's forests and agricultural use of land which help to hold in man made CO2, all contradict the aims of the Paris agreement to keep the global rise this century well below 2 degrees celsius.
The evidence is plain to see with the death of the animal and insect popoulation: this alone should be enough to make governments act.  But the deadly evidence is being mainly ignored.
A huge shift must happen immediately for the human race as we know it to survive.

Heathrow and this month on twitter

With my new phone and everything, this month I haven't rested on twitter.  Except just now to provide a summary in the age old blog format.

A the top of my mind has been the statutory consultation - we're telling you what we're going to do and there's nothing you can do to change our minds - from Heathrow and sort of supported by the government.  They want to expand it again of course.  Remember when they promised not to build new runways then built the second, then broke the promise again?  It's been lengthened for bigger planes too..  The number of flights over the capital is horrific.

I've been watching and sharing Jay Foreman's Should Heathrow Expand? on youtube.  The joke about Game of Thrones theme park is hilarious.  It's a lot of land under that airport.

I've also been standing up against transphobia - and I've submitted a response to questions from an internal Green Party self organised group, as I stood for re-election to PDC.  This had been an ambition of mine, to do a decent enough job to be re-elected.  I didn't win the backing of the group who only endorced Exec not PDC candidates, but it's about doing the right thing and individuals certainly liked my posts and it's good to vote for someone, that actually asks you to vote for them.

This month I've nominated a general election candidate for my area: Portia Vincent-Kirby.  We're having a debate tonight with all 3 and hopefully it will get some press coverage, perhaps something will move in parliament soon and our candidates will be the first to call for a general election as their first act.  Our process is much simpler, more open, and more democratic than Labour's and I can't wait to vote for Portia - Vote for what you believe in.  I'm so tired of voting against my least-favourite option.  I've voted in Hendon most of my life.

I've been looking at social media posts of cycling infrastructure and pedestrian-friendly streets from around the world, and examples of bad driving and engineering.

We've been tweeting the Council to not demolish the Copthall facility where Tom delay trained to dive.  It had a unique moving floor.  The children cried when the council voted to demolish their pool.  It's easy for some to access facilities but the Council seem to hate people, most people.  I've reported 100 plus problems to them, and got 100 computerised out of the office replies.  Someone then presses a button and I get a robotic standard email saying they'll look into it.

The Heathrow consultation closes this week and there's still time to submit it.  It's very difficult but some suggested responses, such as template letters, are available.

Spring bulbs

I've had a 10% off voucher from a Netherlands supplier hanging around and lo and behold it's time to order spring bulbs and we're still in the EU.  In 9 days time a parcel will arrive of bulbs.  If it does get delayed at the border due to no deal brexit confusion, so be it; these bulbs will wait patiently, they're not like ordering live plants by courrier.  So last time I had their selection which was grape hyacinth: a RHS-award winning plant but in my view horrible because unless they're all dug up, they'll spread and take over, as an invasive species.  They're not evergreen and nor do they have a scent like real hyacinth.

  So I've splashed out getting pink and purple hyacinth in 3 shades for a customer's mum.  I'm not really buying for myself.  I've ordered a very big bag of tulips: the little bags don't really fill with the effect I'm usually after, though they were nice, it was too patchy.

 And for myself I've ordered cyclamen hederefolium.  They do really brighten up the garden with their leaves too, and they remind me of my aunt and uncle's old garden in Israel, and my old home in Hendon where I had one.  They're very hardy and you can really have them in a lawn and they'll be a surprise every year and just maybe mow around them a few times then they go dormant.

Not sure I saved as much but I really didn't like getting different plants than what I wanted.  The daffodils I ordered were nice but they're enough.

The tulips will hopefully remind people of what we love about being in the EU.