Adele speaks out on housing

This letter in the standard today.  Well done, Adele. Today I marched with communists calling on Myleene to pay her tax, and tried to get them to join the Greens...

Myleene Klass is right that “mansion tax” is a misnomer. There are several streets in Golders Green and Finchley where the going price of a family home is £2 million or a little less. This proposed tax is causing anxiety, both among the elderly and families on less than massive incomes who aren’t reassured by a roll-up — the latter would make it difficult for them to sell and move if they need a few bedrooms for children or grandparents.
The Green Party calls instead for a Land Value Tax along with better regulation of landlords, and requiring landlords who live overseas to pay tax on their rental income.
Adele Ward, Green Party candidate

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