My TV audience appearance

I was on channel 5

More on this topic in April, I promise.

Also, I was re-tweeted by my friends in Hamburg, Gruene Yugend.  They are visiting in April.
I am going to have coffee with an other campaigner, Carlos, to plan a public event on immigration.  Possibly involving UKIP (pictured top left with the face cut off)

New video via Rosemary-Anne Warrington: Who is dependant on welfare?

Here is some of the imagery I like that we can use, thanks to this new video from the Blum Center for development economics, a #globalpov production. (join the conversation on twitter)

- Two jars full of jelly beans (public spending and charity)
- Large university lecture hall for social change
- Global south map
- Roundtable discussion
- Grocery checkouts & food stamps
- Clinton signs law with screwdriver
- The Welfare Queen (Regan)
- Public housing as "Help to Buy" not skink estates
- Two-stream welfare state, and a divide
- Mountains and valleys
- Big fish small fish
- Champagne distribution in glasses
- A new social contract between government and the poor
- A citizen's income taking the poor above the poverty line
- Poor people demanding, roaring
- Linking thoughts on a scrabble board
Momma Welfare Roll a poem by Maya Angela

This builds on work from false economy and the CLASS think tank.  They argue that we can not win the public debate on austerity without strong imagery like the above, in our speeches, our writing, arguments, and demonstrations.

10 Evil Tactics Hunger Games

I just finished reading the first and third Hunger Games Books.  My thoughts.

Hunger Games: Ten Tactics of Cameron's Class Warriors, and how to fight back!

1. Revisionism
 "The mayor steps up to the podium and begins to read. It's the same story every year... as our reminder that the Dark Days must never be repeated, it gave us the Hunger Games."

2. Violence
 "Of course, people keel over from starvation all the time, but I can’t imagine the Peacekeepers murdering a simpleminded child."

3.  Game-makers
"Sadly, rules are rules"

4. Divide and rule

 "They're holding hands. I want them dead!"

5.  Fear (to block out hope)

6. Cue Cards

7. Surveillance
"Being in the woods is rejuvenating.
...unloading our thoughts while we filled our game bags. This was the doorway to both sustenance and sanity. And we were each other's key."

8. Genetic modification
and nuclear

9. The mass media

10.  Elected dictatorship