Colindale: A long Walk to Freedom

Colindale, like the Republic of South Africa, is not yet free!

I've been reading Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, and The Freedom Charter.
Though I haven't seen any recent evidence of racism, yet,
Colindale suffers from 3 policies reminiscent from Apartheid South Africa
- Oppressive policing.  In short, weed should be legal, and is a sad excuse for police to have more powers.  Decriminlisation of Cannabis in the UK would take away this lucrative business from criminal organisations, and put valuable tax into schools public housing, and so on.  I have been at many protests that have been politically policed which has put young people off engagement.
-  Housing:  Many black areas of central or outer Cape-town and Joburg were destroyed because of white jealousy.  The same is feared now with the re-generation, and the same tactics are being used.
-  Minority rule:
An other thing that puts young people off voting is we feel that the government is not listening.  The vote is a crude measure of public opinion but polls on all sorts of decisions are taken.  For instance, in the Queen's speech, changes to infrastructure and trespass law are opposed by three quarters of the public.  Yet Prime Minster Cameron carries on with blatant disregard.

Colindale will elect 3 councillors to Barnet Council on 26th June 2014.