Jobshare MPs

The proposal fell far short of the mark.  In my opinion the proposal of 2 women MPs is great for disability but is a bit overkill when you have friends like Alan who have a disability that also need to be elected.  (Vote Alan for Equalities & Diversity Co-orinator, green friends).

Anyway, this comment was found on the crowdfunder website:
"I'd like to know why its not possible for women to job share but its fine for a man to be an MP and a barrister at the same time. That is the situation with my MP, Geoffrey Cox, QC,MP. Personally I would rather have two women representing me in a job share than a man attempting to do two demanding jobs at the same time." 

1 hour to go and 27 thousand pounds short.  Epic fail in my opinion, it's great to support sub-groups but there must be a mandate.  I'm sick of Conference being insulted like this; the second time this particular sub-group have not gone through the proper channels.