Judy Klitsner - a great thinker and teacher - visiting from Israel

I went to a talk last night by Judy Klitsner of great practical and sociological importance.  She does not normally talk about herself but outlined some of the revolutionary leaps in women's rights in the Jewish world (re-defining the word halachah).  I noted some great quotes, and my uncle Benedict photocopied an article which was distributed at a previous partnership minyan.  I have a feeling my mom - a great Jewish educator and feminist - may have met up with her to discuss some of the sources she brought today.

The UK Government passed the Equality Act over 5 years ago.  I seriously doubt whether some of the sexist practices described, which survive from the 20th century, are in line with 21st century law.  Things do not have to be this way.  Let's build the system differently.

She described 3 things:
Exclusion of women from Jewish ritual - because women are spiritually superior (she knew they weren't)
Oppression of women through snius (Jewish equivalent of hijab) rules - because men are animals (so why shut-up women?)
Women accessing Torah.  Can women be rabbis?

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