Canvassing phase 1

One of the reasons it is important to canvas is to find out what is actually going on!  Labour and their trade unions are saying that "if they get in they'll stop the whole development" on the West Hendon Estate.  This of course puts the planned school up in the air.
That may be true but Labour do not have all the answers.
My emails tell me a demo is being organised outside the community centre today to protest against the plans, which are being exhibited.  I have seen some of the plans on show in the sales centre, and though I stay true to my values, not living on the West Hendon estate give me the luxury of not having a position on this.  We'll see when the project is finished whether it's any good in the long run.
The chap I spoke to also told me there is a lot of subsidence due to the ground water and modern foundations are more established when it comes to stopping the blocks sliding into the water.  We'll see about those too.

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