#limmud panel on theology, post -Shoa

We need to talk about one of the most difficult things, God.  Christian thought needs a radical new theology, 70 years after the holocaust.
One thing i have found quite shocking is the out moded idea that suffering and illness happen because they sinned and had it brought upon them.  We call this victim -blaming.
In Jewish thought, Emmanual Levinas is a useful philosopher who is shaped by the Nazi horror He lived 1906-1995
He said that the justification of suffering is at the heart of all immortality.
Dr Tamra Wright also brought a feminist response to the holocaust, Melissa Raphael - The Female Face of God in Auschwitz: A Feminist Theology of the Holocaust.
Someone quoted Whitney Houston "what's God got to do with it?" and doesn't see (the late Reform Judaism Chief Rabbi Hugo Gryn) "where was God?" are we asking the wrong question?
Could any of you envisage having this conversation in Poland? The conversations that follow are very depressing. In arts, should we remain silent about it or speak about it?
See also,
Zoe Waxman Writing the Holocaust
Olivia who works for Holocaust Memorial Day Trust says a significant proportion of events are based on rituals such as prayer.  We have seen genocides since them which add in to the discussion.

Ben's view on the Tories this election

I have been reading "The Greater Londoner", which has appeared just in time for the London elections following a poll which shows that the Tories (I don't call them Conservatives because they have been radically attacking our society) might win.  However it's interesting what the Tories haven't mentioned

  • The word Tory or Conservative, though they point cheap jibes at "backwards" Labour several times they somehow pitch themselves as above politics.  The only time the word Conservative appears is in the small-print.  The printing is done by a "Plc" and almost certainly the production was funded by tax-dodgers.  The Green Party pay their tax and don't hold investments in bad businesses.  Zac and Boris are notorious slackers and Zac is so "independent" he never drew a salary in his life.
  • Climate change:  No doubt they are of the opinion that this issue is not their strong point.  Any serious climate change action would mean tackling vested interests and seriously reforming or replacing capitalism (an other word they don't dare print).  They talk about trees, greener, future, cleaner, electric cars (ffs) and protecting green spaces that "we love" - yet all these principles go out the window if you look at their flagship project in West Hendon estate: None of the promised parking for electric cars, no consent from the local community, not even consultation when York Park was built-on, including our lovely trees felled one by one.  They would not get away with these violations of the peace in a well-to-do area.
  • Air pollution: an other thing the Tory mayor and assembly are in total denial on! VW was just the tip of the iceberg of their deception.  Even if Matthew Offord gave a pig about air pollution they would not listen to him because the environment is their third priority after transport which means it does not come before transport.
  • London's car crisis: Roads, freight, traffic congestion! Congestion charge anyone?? The new river crossing you would think from what they write, will be a garden bridge with new homes on it as well.  They talk about cycle safety in quite a victim-blaming way.
  • The Green Belt
  • The word "affordable" in relation to housing.
  • The fact that this is also a London Assembly election.  Whilst the Mayor is important to the main two parties, and has most of the power in the GLA, the Assembly "holds the mayor to account" and is elected by a more proportional system.  You can vote green as your first preference on the orange ballot paper and elect greens.  It will make a really big difference because only about half of people event turn out 
  • so your registering to vote can make a the difference between 2 and 3 Green Party politicians elected to represent all of London.  Even if Greens don't have any seats on your local council, a Green vote makes a big difference!   This doesn't stop the Tories sneering at the Green Party in private though, claiming we're on benefits and so on.
The leaflet does mention arts and culture.  Simon Jenkins wrote a piece recently saying that London doesn't need Simon Rattles concert Hall, or a £20bn HS2 Crossrail line going north-to-south.  The fact is that under a Tory Mayor and a Tory Council, the Church Farmhouse museum in Hendon Church End is still a blight when before it was a museum which I enjoyed!  This won't be one of the 81 museums that now have wi-fi.  It's a disgrace and the only way to hold Boris and his mates to account for the loss of this place of cultural heritage, is to vote Green on the orange ballot for the common good and use your other votes to get the Tories out.  The Tories are responsible for the loss of Libraries and it's Tory councils who've been degrading our primary, secondary and further education, with the London Tories' political support.
I talk a lot of anti-capitalist rhetoric about how aweful Plc's are, such as armaments companies, and eco-stream, and fossil fuels, but my belief is that the people have the power.  It's our choice in our workplace, in our lifestyles, and at the ballot box, when we fall for neo-liberal politicians, to hand that power over to corporations.  That is why they make such good campaigning targets the rest of the year round.  Ultimately the reason I've always been a Green Activist is because petitioning companies, leaders and politicians to green demands can only get us so far.

paris 3 D12 Climate Change red-lines peaceful protest

Yesterday this appeared on my blogger friend Adam's facebook wall or whatever they call that nowadays, with some photos.  I met them a few hours after the 350.org red lines protest at the Eiffel Tower and the atmosphere was amazing.  The French organisation Alternatiba were involved with a "human chain" which has become symbolic.  We lit candles forming a human chain with Oil Vay! and the Paris community.  My photos from last week are now on my flickr page.
Yesterday around 15,000 people gathered on the streets of Paris to call – to scream – for climate justice. Ordinarily this would be unremarkable, but it is just a few weeks after the deadly attacks and a state of emergency remains in place prohibiting gatherings of 10 or more people. Many who had planned to come to Paris were quite reasonably frightened off. That anything happened on the streets at all in this highly tense and uneasy atmosphere, on streets thronged with armed police,
at all is a small miracle.
We can celebrate successfully taking a space and having a chance to scream. What we can't celebrate is having our words twisted.
Those who did make it on Saturday has a very clear message to shout: our leaders have failed, so we're going to defend our climate instead.
The woefully inadequate final text was just being circulated amongst the delegates as people to the streets to draw 'red lines' – our line in the sand that we would not allow the climate to fry despite the failings of the UN process. We stretched from the Arc de Triumph, symbol of the French Military, towards la Defense, France's financial epicentre: war and corporate power seek to cross these red lines. On the lines of cloth we laid flowers representing the victims of climate change: the World Health Organisation estimates climate changes kills 200,000 people a year.
The BBC and others reported we took to the streets on Saturday to 'celebrate' a deal well struck at the UN. This is a lie. Even if it is less appallingly inadequate than it might have been, the deal struck this weekend gives a free break for fossil fuel companies to pollute, lets the richest continue to churn out CO2 at the expense of the poor, and does nowhere near enough to keep our climate a, still unhealthy, 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels.
We have drawn our red lines. The UN deal threatens to cross them. If we were celebrating anything on Saturday, it was the start of this fight. Everyone of the 15,000 in Paris were representing thousands more of you, the movement, fighting on around the world – like the Queen's University Belfast students occupying for fossil fuel divestment this weekend.
A whole climate justice movement, built on the solidarity of new global alliances between indigenous groups, workers and peace activists and armed with a fearless radicalism, is renewed and dispersed from Paris today to the four corners of the earth.
That's pretty exciting eh?

Climate change and the global justice movement

My blog from Paris climate talks.
Text alerts from Friends of the Earth have been very useful, though as a "shomer Shabbat" individual I have only just read them.
Today's geolocalosation action developed brand new technology to beat the state of emergency in Paris, with 3000 people taking part in saying climate justice peace.
A treaty debrief will happen tomorrow but just when i was asking where our delegates were, Maria Kola appeared and said hi, though tonight she mostly spoke Greek i got a selfie with this engineering dreamer, that universal language of the twitter generation.
It is matt genn's birthday so i put on a Beatles record for him, much to the annoyance of green partiers whose track i interrupted.
I met a young green from Bulgaria, and people from other places, and updated French colleagues on how we are doing in England.
I feel like this week has really strengthened air transport campaigns both French and English despite the classic failure of the UN FCcc on this.
I spoke to my lovely German colleague about the possibility of smashing ttip the weekend of February 13th

Paris part 1 - Jewish leaders letter

(I visited one of the signatories below, on my recent trip to Israel for my cousin's wedding  [They already have a baby!]) - Ben

 To the Jewish People, to all Communities of Spirit,
and to the World:
 A Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis
We come as Jews and rabbis with great respect for what scientists teach us – for as we understand their teaching, it is about the unfolding mystery of God’s Presence in the unfolding universe, and especially in the history and future of our planet.  Although we accept scientific accounts of earth’s history, we continue to see it as God’s creation, and we celebrate the presence of the divine hand in every earthly creature.
 Yet in our generation, this wonder and this beauty have been desecrated -- not in one land alone but ‘round all the Earth. So in this crisis, even as we join all Earth in celebrating the Breath of Life that interweaves us all -- –
 --  You sea-monsters and all deeps, Hallelu-Yah.
Fire, hail, snow, and steam, Hallelu-Yah.

Stormy wind to do God's word, Hallelu-Yah.
Mountains high and tiny hills, Hallelu-Yah (Psalm 148)
 We know all Earth needs not only the joyful human voice but also the healing human hand.
 We are especially moved when the deepest, most ancient insights of Torah about healing the relationships of Earth and human earthlings, adamah and adam, are echoed in the findings of modern science.
 The texts of Torah that perhaps most directly address our present crisis ar Leviticus 25-26 and Deuteronomy 15.  They call for one year of every seven to be Shabbat Shabbaton – a Sabbatical Year – and Shmittah – a Year of restful Release for the Earth and its workers from being made to work, and of Release for debtors from their debts.
In Leviticus 26, the Torah warns us that if we refuse to let the Earth rest, it will “rest” anyway, despite us and upon us – through drought and famine and exile that turn an entire people into refugees.
This ancient warning heard by one indigenous people in one slender land has now become a crisis of our planet as a whole and of the entire human species. Human behavior that overworks the Earth – especially the overburning of fossil fuels   --- crests in a systemic planetary response that endangers human communities and many other life-forms as well.
Already we see unprecedented floods, droughts, ice-melts, snowstorms, heat waves, typhoons,
sea-level rises, and the expansion of disease-bearing insects from “tropical” zones into what used to be “temperate” regions. Leviticus 26 embodied.  Scientific projections of the future make clear that even worse will happen if we continue with carbon-burning business as usual.
As Jews, we ask the question whether the sources of traditional Jewish wisdom can offer guidance to our political  efforts to  prevent disaster and  heal our relationship  with the Earth.  Our first and most basic wisdom is expressed in the Sh’ma and is underlined in the teaching that through Shekhinah the Divine presence dwells within as well as beyond the world. The Unity of all means not only that all life is interwoven, but also that an aspect of God’s Self partakes in the interwovenness.
We acknowledge that for centuries, the attention of our people – driven into exile not only from our original land but made refugees from most lands thereafter so that they were bereft of physical or political connection and without any specific land – has turned away from this sense of interconnection of adam and adamah, toward the repair of social injustice.  Because of this history, we were so much pre-occupied with our own survival that we could not turn attention to the deeper crisis of which our tradition had always been aware.
But justice and earthiness cannot be disentangled. This is taught by our ancient texts – teaching that every seventh year be a Year of Release, Shmittah, Shabbat Shabbaton, in which there would be not only one year’s release of Earth from overwork, but also one year’s sharing by all in society of the Earth’s freely growing abundance, and one year’s release of debtors from their debts.
Indeed, we are especially aware that this very year is, according to the ancient count, the Shmita Year.
The unity of justice and Earth-healing is also taught by our experience today: The worsening inequality of wealth, income, and political power has two direct impacts on the climate crisis. On the one hand, great Carbon Corporations not only make their enormous profits from wounding the Earth, but then use these profits to purchase elections and to fund fake science to prevent the public from acting to heal the wounds. On the other hand, the poor in America and around the globe are the first and the worst to suffer from the typhoons, floods, droughts, and diseases brought on by climate chaos.  
So we call for a new sense of eco-social justice – a tikkun olam that includes tikkun tevel, the healing of our planet.  We urge those who have been focusing on social justice to address the climate crisis, and those who have been focusing on the climate crisis to address social justice.
Though as rabbis we are drawing on the specific practices by which our Torah makes eco-social justice possible, we recognize that in all cultures and all spiritual traditions there are teachings about the need for setting time and space aside for celebration, restfulness, reflection.
Yet in modern history, we realize that for about 200 years, the most powerful institutions and cultures of the human species have refused to let the Earth or human earthlings have time or space for rest.  By overburning carbon dioxide and methane into our planet's air, we have disturbed the sacred balance in which we breathe in what the trees breathe out, and the trees breathe in what we breathe out. The upshot: global scorching, climate crisis.
The crisis is worsened by the spread of extreme extraction of fossil fuels that not only heats the planet as a whole but damages the regions directly affected.
§  Fracking shale rock for oil and “unnatural gas” poisons regional water supplies and induces the shipment of volatile explosive “bomb trains” around the country.
 §  Coal burning not only imposes asthma on coal-plant neighborhoods – often the poorest and Blackest – but destroys the lovely mountains of West Virginia.
 §  Extracting and pipe-lining Tar Sands threatens Native First nation communities in Canada and the USA, and endangers farmers and cowboys through whose lands the KXL Pipeline is intended to traverse..
 §  Drilling for oil deep into the Gulf and the Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound off the Pacific have already brought death to workers and to sea life and financial disasters upon nearby communities. Proposed oil drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic threaten worse.
 All of this is overworking Earth -- precisely what our Torah teaches we must not do. So now we must let our planet rest from overwork. For Biblical Israel, this was a central question in our relationship to the Holy One.  And for us and for our children and their children, this is once again the central question of our lives and of our God. HOW?  -- is the question we must answer.
So here we turn from inherited wisdom to action in our present and our future. One way of addressing our own responsibility would be for households, congregations, denominations, federations, political action  --- to Move Our Money from spending that helps these modern pharaohs burn our planet to spending that helps to heal it. For example, these actions might be both practical and effective:
§  Purchasing wind-born rather than coal-fired electricity to light our homes and synagogues and community centers;
 §  Organizing our great Federations to offer grants and loans to every Jewish organization in their regions to solarize their buildings;
 §  Shifting our bank accounts from banks that invest in deadly carbon-burning to community banks and credit unions that invest in local neighborhoods, especially those of poor, Black, and Hispanic communities;
 §  Moving our endowment funds from supporting deadly Carbon to supporting stable, profitable, life-giving enterprises;
 §  Insisting that our tax money go no longer to subsidizing enormously profitable Big Oil but instead to subsidizing the swift deployment of renewable energy  -- as quickly in this emergency as our government moved in the emergency of the early 1940s to shift from manufacturing cars to making tanks.
 §  Convincing our legislators to institute a system of carbon fees and public dividends that rewards our society for moving beyond the Carbon economy.
 These examples are simply that, and in the days and years to come,  we may think of other approaches to accomplish these ecological ends.  
America is one of the most intense contributors to the climate crisis, and must therefore take special responsibility to act.  Though we in America are already vulnerable to climate chaos, other countries are even more so –-- and Jewish caring must take that truth seriously. Israeli scientists, for example, report that if the world keeps doing carbon business as usual, the Negev desert will come to swallow up half the state of Israel, and sea-level rises will put much of Tel Aviv under water.
Israel itself is too small to calm the wide world’s worsening heat. Israel’s innovative ingenuity for solar and wind power could help much of the world, but it will take American and other funding to help poor nations use the new-tech renewable energy created by Israeli and American innovators.
We believe that there is both danger and hope in American society today, a danger and a hope that the American Jewish community, in concert with our sisters and brothers in other communities of Spirit, must address.  The danger is that America is the largest contributor to the scorching of our planet.  The hope is that over and over in our history, when our country faced the need for profound change, it has been our communities of moral commitment, religious covenant, and spiritual search that have arisen to meet the need. So it was fifty years ago during the Civil Rights movement, and so it must be today.
As we live through this Shmittah Year, we are especially aware that Torah calls for Hak’heyl -- assembling the whole community of the People Israel during the Sukkot after the Shmittah year, to hear and recommit ourselves to the Torah’s central teachings.
So we encourage Jews in all our communities to gather on the Sunday of Sukkot this year, October 4, 2015, to explore together our responsibilities toward the Earth and all humankind, in this generation.
Our ancient earthy wisdom taught that social justice, sustainable abundance, a healthy Earth, and spiritual fulfillment are inseparable. Today we must hear that teaching in a world-wide context, drawing upon our unaccustomed ability to help shape public policy in a great nation. We call upon the Jewish people to meet God’s challenge once again.
Rabbi Jonathan Aaron     Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills   Beverly Hills CA
Rabbi Susan Abramson     Temple Shalom Emeth   Burlington MA
Rabbi Ruth Adar     Lehrhaus Judaica   San Leandro CA
Rabbi Avruhm Addison     Cong Melrose B'nai Israel Emanu El   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi David Adelson     East End Temple   New York NY
Rabbi Alison Adler     Temple B'nai Abraham   Beverly MA
Rabbi Moshe Adler     Beth El - The Heights Synagogue   University Heights OH
Rabbi Rachel Adler     Hebrew Union College   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Ron Aigen     Congregation Dorshei Emet, Montreal   Montreal Canada
Rabbi Aaron Alexander     IKAR   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Mona Alfi     Congregation B'nai Israel   Sacramento CA
Rabbi Katy Allen     Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hop   Wayland MA
Rabbi Adam Allenberg     Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion   Santa Monica CA
Rabbi Doug Alpert     Congregation Kol Ami-Kansas City   Kansas City MO
Rabbi Neil Amswych     Temple Beth Shalom   Santa Fe NM
Rabbi Batsheva Appel     Temple Emanu-El   Tucson AZ
Rabbi Aryeh Azriel     Temple Israel   Omaha NE
Rabbi Elan Babchuck     Temple Emanu-El   Providence RI
Rabbi Richard Backer     Ohalah   Newton MA
Rabbi Chava Bahle     Or Tzafon   Suttons Bay MI
Rabbi Ethan Bair     Temple Sinai   Reno NV
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett     Beit Am Jewish Community   Corvallis OR
Rabbi Lewis M Barth     Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion   Encino CA
Rabbi Geoff Basik     Kol HaLev   Baltimore MD
Rabbi Sarah Bassin     Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills   Beverly Hills CA
Rabbi David Dunn Bauer     Congregation Beit Simchat Torah   New York NY
Rabbi Birdie Becker     Temple Emanuel, Pueblo   Centennial CO
Rabbi Marc Belgrad     B'Chavana Congregation   Buffalo Grove IL
Rabbi Haim Beliak     Beth Ohr   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Lisa Bellows     Congregation Beth Am   Buffalo Grove IL
Rabbi Gabriel Ben-Or     Gulfport Congregation Beth Sholom   webster FL
Rabbi Karen Bender     Jewish Home of Los Angeles   Tarzana CA
Rabbi Allen Bennett     Temple Israel of Alameda, Rabbi Emeritus   San Francisco CA
Rabbi Philip Bentley     Honorary President, Jewish Peace fellowship   Hendersonville NC
Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum     Congregation Shir Hadash   Milwaukee WI
Rabbi Marc Berkson     Congregation Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun   Milwaukee WI
Rabbi Marjorie Berman     Reconstructionist Rabbinical College   Clarks Summit PA
Rabbi Phyllis Berman     Pnai Or-Philadelphia, Germantown Jewish Centre, Mishkan Shalom   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Ellen Bernstein     Shomrei Adamah   Holyoke MA
Rabbi Jonathan Biatch     Temple Beth El, Madison, Wisconsin   Madison WI
Rabbi Brad Bloom     Bloom   Hilton Head SC
Rabbi Marc S Blumenthal     Reform Judaism   Long Beach CA
Rabbi Neil Blumofe     Congregation Agudas Achim   Austin TX
Rabbi Samantha Bodner        Houston TX
Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton     Or Haneshamah: Ottawa's Reconstructionist Community   Ottawa Canada
Rabbi Jill Borodin     Congregation Beth Shalom   Seattle WA
Rabbi Neal Borovitz     Rabbi Emeritus Temple Avodat Shalom River Edge NJ   New York NY NY
Rabbi Joshua Breindel     Temple Anshe Amunim   Pittsfield MA
Rabbi Anne Brener     Academy for Jewish Religion   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Reeve R. Brenner     National Association for Recreational Equality   Rockville MD
Rabbi Cari Bricklin-Small     Temple Shir Tikvah   WInchester MA
Rabbi Caryn Broitman     Martha's Vineyard Hebrew Center   West Tisbury MA
Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer     Amherst College/Western New England University   Northampton MA
Rabbi Deborah Bronstein     Congregation Har HaShem   Boulder CO
Rabbi Lester Bronstein     Reconstructionist/Reform   White Plains NY
Rabbi Samuel Broude     Temple sinai, oakland,ca - emeritus   Oakland CA
Rabbi Sharon Brous     IKAR   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Rachel Brown     Congregation B'nai Jacob   Phoenixville PA
Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus     Wheaton College (MA)  Department of Religion   Providence RI
Rabbi Simcha Daniel Burstyn     Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan   Kibbutz Lotan Israel
Rabbi Lee Bycel     c   KENSINGTON CA
Rabbi Michael Cahana     Congregation Beth Israel, Portland, Oregon   Portland OR
Rabbi Meredith Cahn     Community School for Jewish Learning   Petaluma CA
Rabbi NIna Beth Cardin     Conservative Movement   Baltimore MD
Rabbi Kenneth Carr     Congregation Or Ami   Lafayette Hill PA
Rabbi Joshua Caruso     Fairmount Temple   Beachwood OH
Rabbi Ken Chasen     Leo Baeck Temple   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Jordana Chernow-Reader     Reform   Ventura CA
Rabbi Steven Chester     Temple Sinai, Oakland, Ca.   Oakland CA
Rabbi Karen Citrin     Temple Israel   Tulsa OK
Rabbi Micah Citrin     Temple Israel   Tulsa OK
Rabbi Paul Citrin     Taos Jewish Center   Albuquerque NM
Rabbi Aryeh Cohen     American Jewish University   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen        New York NY
Rabbi Howard Cohen     Burning Bush Adventures   Bennington VT
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen     Temple Sinai, LasVe   Las Vegas NV
Rabbi Michael M. Cohen     Israel Congregation   Manchester Center VT
Rabbi Norman J. Cohen     HUC-JIR   Briarcliff Manor NY
Rabbi Sandra Cohen     Rodef Shalom   Denver CO
Rabbi Andrea Cohen Kiener     Am Kolel Sanctuary   Beallsville MD
Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohrn     JCC Manhattan   New York NY
Rabbi Mike Comins     TorahTrek   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi David J. Cooper     Kehilla Community Synagogue, Piedmont, CA   Berkeley CA
Rabbi Howard Cooper     Director of Spiritual Development, Finchley Reform Synagogue, London, UK   Barnet United Kingdom
Rabbi Mychal Copeland     InterfaithFamily   Mountain View CA
Rabbi Sigma Coran     Rockdale Temple   Cincinnati OH
Rabbi Rachel Cowan     retired   New York NY
Rabbi Meryl Crean     Mishkan Shalom   Upper Gwynedd PA
Rabbi Rogerio Cukierman     Yakar   Sao Paulo Brazil
Rabbi Robin Damsky     WSTHZ   Melrose Park IL
Rabbi Julie Danan     Congregation Beth Israel   CHICO CA
Rabbi Stanley Davids     Temple Emanu-El of Greater Atlanta   Santa Monica CA
Rabbi Getzel Davis     Harvard Hillel   Cambridge MA
Rabbi Shoshanah Devorah     Congregation Kol HaEmek   Ukiah CA
Rabbi Elliot Dorff     American Jewish University, rector   Beverly Hills CA
Rabbi William Dreskin     Woodlands Community Temple   Ardsley NY
Rabbi Doris Dyen     Makom HaLev minyan   Pittsburgh PA
Rabbi Laurence Edwards     Congregation Or Chadash (Emeritus)   Chicago IL
Rabbi Lisa Edwards     Beth Chayim Chadashim (BCC)   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Amy Eilberg     Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning   Mendota Heights MN
Rabbi Colin Eimer     Sha'arei Tsedek North London Reform Synagogue   London United Kingdom
Rabbi Stephen Einstein     Congregation B'nai Tzedek   Fountain Valley CA
Rabbi Efraim Eisen     Pioneer Valley Jewish Renewal   Amherst MA
Rabbi Diane Elliot     ALEPH   El Sobrante CA
Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell     Spiritual Director   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Cindy Enger     Congregation Or Chadash   Chicago IL
Rabbi Lewis Eron     Lions Gate CCRC   Cherry Hill NJ
Rabbi Ted Falcon     Paths to Awakening   Seattle WA
Rabbi Josh Feigelson     Hillel International   Skokie IL
Rabbi Michael Feinberg     Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition   New York NY
Rabbi Samuel Feinsmith     Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning   Evanston IL
Rabbi Fern Feldman     Havurat Ee Shalom   Santa Cruz CA
Rabbi Michael Fessler     RRC   Poughkeepsie NY
Rabbi Brian Field     Judaism Your Way   Denver CO
Rabbi Jacob Fine     Abundance Farm   Northampton MA
Rabbi Brian Fink     JCC Manhattan   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi Daniel Fink     Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel   boise ID
Rabbi Steven Folberg     Congregation Beth Israel   Austin TX
Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari     Boston-Area Jewish Education Program   Boston MA
Rabbi Jeff Foust     Spiritual Life Center Bentley University   Newton MA
Rabbi Joshua Franklin     Temple Beth Elohim, Wellesley, MA   Wellesley MA
Rabbi Jonathan Freirich     Temple Beth El   Charlotte NC
Rabbi Dayle Friedman     Reform/Reconstructionist   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi John Friedman     Judea Reform Congregation   Durham NC
Rabbi Shoshana Friedman     JCDS of Boston   Jamaica Plain MA
Rabbi Pamela Frydman     Renewal   Daly City CA
Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs     Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Stephen Fuchs     Congregation Beth Israel   West Hartford CT
Rabbi Roy Furman     DePaul University   Chicago IL
Rabbi Ruth Gelfarb     Congregation Har HaShem   Boulder CO
Rabbi Laura Geller     TempleEmanuel of Beverly Hills   Beverly Hills CA
Rabbi Everett Gendler     Emeritus, Temple Emanuel, Lowell, MA   Great Barrington, MA 01230 MA
Rabbi Bernard Gerson     Congregation Rodef Shalom   Denver CO
Rabbi Gary Gerson     Oak Park Temple B'nai Abraham Zion   River Forest IL
Rabbi Gordon Gladstone, D.D.     Emeritus, Temple Beth Am of Bayonne NJ   Springfield NJ
Rabbi Bob Gluck     University at Albany   Albany NY
Rabbi Laura Gold     Jewish Theological Seminary   New York NY
Rabbi Neal Gold     Temple Shir Tikva   Wayland MA
Rabbi Mark Goldfarb     Temple Beth Ohr, URJ   La Mirada CA
Rabbi Megan Goldman     Columbia/Barnard Hillel   New  York NY
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein     Congregation Shaare Emeth   St. Louis MO
Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein     Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din   Sherman Oaks CA
Rabbi Seth Goldstein     Temple Beth Hatfiloh   Olympia WA
Rabbi Marvin Goodman     No. CA Board of Rabbis   Foster City CA
Rabbi Maralee Gordon     McHenry County Jewish Congregation   Woodstock IL
Rabbi Samuel Gordon     Congregation Sukkat Shalom   Wilmette IL
Rabbi mel Gottlieb     Academy for Jewish Religion, Ca.   los angeles CA
Rabbi Andrea Gouze     Temple Shaare Tefilah   Providence RI
Rabbi Roberto Graetz     Temple Isaiah   Walnut Creek CA
Rabbi Art Green     Hebrew College rabbinical school, rector   Newton MA
Rabbi Irving yitz Greenberg     Founding President,Jewish LifeNetwork/Steinhardt Foundation (retired)   Bronx NY
Rabbi Julie Greenberg     Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir~Heart of the City   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Hillel Greene     Gann Academy   Jamaica Plain MA
Rabbi Suzanne Griffel     Lomdim chavurah   Chicago IL
Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer     Community Shul of Montecito and Santa Barbara/Loyola Marymount University   Santa Barbara CA
Rabbi Bonny Grosz     The Community Rabbi Foundation   Reston VA
Rabbi Debra Hachen     Temple Beth-El of Jersey City   Jersey City NJ
Rabbi Judith HaLevy     Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue   'Malibu CA
Rabbi Jill Hammer     Academy for Jewish Religion   New York NY
Rabbi Joshua Hammerman     Temple Beth El, Stamford CT   Stamford CT
Rabbi Richard Hammerman     Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation B'nai Israel, Toms River, NJ   Caldwell NJ
Rabbi Lauren Herrmann     formerly of Kol Tzedek   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Lev Herrnson     www.RabbiLevH.com   East Rockaway NY
Rabbi Cecilia Herzfeld-Stern     Spiritual Director   Carlsbad CA
Rabbi Cynthia Hoffman     Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal   Fremont CA
Rabbi Linda Holtzman     Tikkun Olam Chavurah   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Heidi Hoover     Temple Beth Emeth v'Ohr Progressive Shaari Zedek   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi David Horowitz     Temple Israel, Akron, OH - rabbi emeritus   Akron OH
Rabbi Carla Howard     Jewish Healing Center Los Angeles   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Jocee Hudson     Temple Israel of Hollywood   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Mark Hurvitz     davka.org   New York NY
 Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin     Temple Beth Israel   Eugene OR
Rabbi Naomi Hyman     OHALAH: The Association for Jewish Renewal Rabbis   Easton MD
Rabbi Ivan Ickovits     Metivta   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi T'mimah Ickovits     Holistic Jew   Santa Monica CA
Rabbi David Ingber     Romemu, NYC   New York NY
Rabbi Shaya Isenberg     Aleph   Gainesville FL
Rabbi Debbie Israel     Congregation Emeth   Watsonville CA
Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde     ZMANIM   sebastopol CA
Rabbi Joshua Jacobs-Velde     ZMANIM   Sebastopol CA
Rabbi Burt Jacobson     Renewal   El Sobrante CA
Rabbi Devorah Jacobson     Jewish Geriatric Services   Amherst MA
Rabbi Beth Janus     JFCS   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Rachel Joseph     Congregation Beth Israel   Portland OR
Rabbi Raachel Jurovics     Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community   Raleigh NC
Rabbi Bruce Kadden     Temple Beth El   Tacoma WA
Rabbi David Kaiman     Congregation Bnai Israel Gainesville Florida   Gainesville FL
Rabbi Beth Kalisch     Beth David Reform Congregation, Gladwyne PA   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi shamai kanter     Congr. Beth El (Ret.)   canandaigua NY
Rabbi Molly Karp     Temple Beth El, Oneonta NY   New City NY
Rabbi Peter Kasdan     temple Emanuel-El of West Essex   Longboat Key FL
Rabbi Nancy Kasten     None   Dallas TX
Rabbi Sandra Katz     Jewish Senior Life   Rochester NY
Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum     Congregation B'nai Harim of the Poconos   Pocono Pines PA
Rabbi Stanley Kessler     BethEl Temple/Emeritus/ W.Htfd CT   W Hartford CT
Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman     Beth Jacob Congregation   Mendota Heights MN
Rabbi Daniel Kirzane     Beth Haverim Shir Shalom   Bronx NY
Rabbi Jonathan Klein     CLUE: Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Lori Klein     Chadeish Yameinu   Capitola CA
Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein     Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light (PA IPL)   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Richard Klein     Temple Emanu-El   Sarasota FL
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum     Congregation Beit Simchat Torah   NYC NY
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum     Congregation Beit Simchat Torah   New York NY
Rabbi Jonathan Kligler     Lev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation   Woodstock NY
Rabbi David L Kline     Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi Tracy Klirs     Temple Israel, Charlotte, NC   Charlotte NC
Rabbi Myriam Klotz     HUC-JIR/NY   Bala Cynwyd PA
Rabbi Peter Knobel     Central Conference of American Rabbis, former president   Evanston IL
Rabbi Janeen Kobrinsky     Temple Beth El, Fargo ND   Fargo ND ND
Rabbi Debra Kolodny     Nehirim   Portland OR
Rabbi Riqi Kosovske     Beit Ahavah - Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton   Florence MA
Rabbi Michael L. Kramer     Reform   Hockessin DE
Rabbi Matthew Kraus     University of Cincinnati Department of Judaic Studies   Cincinnati OH
Rabbi Joshua Kullock     West End Synagogue   Nashville TN
Rabbi Alan Lachtman     Temple Beth David   Pasadena CA
Rabbi Howard Laibson     Congregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood, CA   Seal Beach CA
Rabbi Hannah Laner     Jewish Renewal   Nederland CO
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz     Shir Tikvah Congregation   Minneapolis MN
Rabbi Marty Lawson     Temple Emanu-El, San Diego, CA   San Diego CA
Rabbi Anson Laytner     Seattle University   Seattle WA
Rabbi Darby Leigh     Kerem Shalom   Montclair NJ
Rabbi Shoshana Leis     Congregation Har Shalom   Ft Collins CO
Rabbi Michael Lerner     Tikkun: A Jewish and Interfaith Critique of Politics, Culture and Society   Berkeley CA
Rabbi Joshua Lesser     5 Krog St NE   Atlanta GA
Rabbi Peter Levi     Temple Beth El of South Orange County   aliso viejo CA
Rabbi Navah Levine     Temple Beth Abraham   Canton MA
Rabbi Robert Levine     Congregation Rodeph Sholom   New York NY
Rabbi Eyal Levinson     Not affiliated   Kfar Veradim Israel
Rabbi Chai Levy     Congregation Kol Shofar   Tiburon CA
Rabbi Jerry Levy     Congregation Etz Chaim   Pompano Beach FL
Rabbi Richard Levy     Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion   Encino CA
Rabbi Stan Levy     B'nai Horin-Children of Freedom   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Sue E. Levy     retired   Houston TX
Rabbi Yael Levy     Mishkan Shalom   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Sheldon Lewis     Congregation Kol Emeth   Palo Alto CA
Rabbi Mordechai Liebling     Social Justice Organizing Program of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian     √ñresundslimmud   Malm√∂ Sweden
Rabbi John Linder     Temple Solel   Phoenix AZ
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann     Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi navah-tehila Livingstone     Liberal Jewish community Utrecht   utrecht Netherlands
Rabbi Neal Joseph Loevinger     Conservative   Poughkeepsie NY
Rabbi Andrea London     Beth Emet The Free Synagogue   Evanston IL
Rabbi Alan Londy     The New Reform Temple   Kansas City MO
Rabbi Michael Lotker     Jewish Federation of Ventura County   Camarillo CA
Rabbi Brian Lurie     NIF   Ross CA
Rabbi Jack Luxemburg     Temple Beth Ami, Rockville, MD   NORTH POTOMAC MD
Rabbi Devorah Lynn     CCAR   Washington, DC DC
Rabbi Jonathan Malino     Beth David Synagogue   Greensboro NC
Rabbi Nina Mandel     Congregation Beth El-Sunbury   Selinsgrove PA
Rabbi Rosalin Mandelberg     Ohef Sholom Temple   Norfolk VA
Rabbi Natan Margalit     Organic Torah   Newtonville MA
Rabbi Shana Margolin     Beth Jacob Synagogue (member)   Montpelier VT
Rabbi Marc Margolius     West End Synagogue   New York NY
Rabbi Jessica Marshall     Temple Beth Or   Everett WA
Rabbi Nathan Martin     RRC   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Emily Mathis     Temple Beth Shalom   West Newton MA
Rabbi Monique Mayer     Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation   Port Talbot United Kingdom
Rabbi Ariel Mayse     Beit Midrash Har'el   Jerusalem Israel
Rabbi Michele Medwin     Temple Sholom   Binghamton NY
Rabbi Janice Mehring     Congregation Ohr Tzafon   Atascadero CA
Rabbi Sara Meirowitz     Gann Academy   Waltham MA
Rabbi Scott Meltzer     Ohr Shalom Synagogue   San Diego CA
Rabbi Richard Messing     Retired- emeritus Temple Kol Tikvah, Sharon, MA   Stoughton MA
Rabbi Abby Michaleski     Temple Beth El of Hammonton   Sicklerville NJ
Rabbi Laurence Milder     Congregation Beth Emek   Pleasanton CA
Rabbi Diana Miller     Kehilat HaNahar   Lambertville NJ
Rabbi Joshua Minkin     Temple Emanu-El of Canarsie   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh     Temple Israel of Hollywood   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Malka Mittelman     Skirball Hospice and B'nei Mishkan   La Crescenta CA
Rabbi Avram Mlotek     Base Hillel   New York NY
Rabbi Lee Moore     Hillel at Kent State   Kent OH
Rabbi Dan Moskovitz     Temple Sholom   Vancouver Canada
Rabbi Linda Motzkin     Temple Sinai   Gansevoort NY
Rabbi Robin Nafshi     Temple Beth Jacob   Concord NH
Rabbi Dina Najman     The Kehilah of Riverdale   Bronx NY
Rabbi Fred Natkin     Mateh Chaim; Palm Bay FL   Boynton Beach FL
Rabbi Yonatan Neril     Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development   Jerusalem Israel
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman     Finchley Reform Synagogue   London United Kingdom
Rabbi Dev Noily     Kehilla Community Synagogue   Oakland CA
Rabbi michael oppenheimer     Suburban Temple- Kol Ami, Emanuel Jacob Congregation   aurora OH
Rabbi Robert Orkand     Temple Israel, Westport, CT   Natick MA
Rabbi Jordan Ottenstein     Beth-El Congregation   Fort Worth TX
Rabbi Laura Owens     B'nai Horin, Children of Freedom   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Barbara Penzner     Temple Hillel B'nai Torah   West Roxbury MA
Rabbi Nina Perlmutter     Heichal Baoranim (Temple in the Pines)   Chino Valley AZ
Rabbi Anne Persin     Temple Beth-El, Dubuque, Iowa   Highland Park IL
Rabbi Marcia Plumb     Congregation Mishkan Tefila   Needham MA
Rabbi Linda Potemken     Congregation Beth Israel of Media   Wynnewood PA
Rabbi Janise Poticha     Temple Sinai   New York NY
Rabbi Marcia Prager     ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal; P'nai Or Congregation of Philadelphia   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Sally Priesand     Monmouth Reform Temple   Ocean Township NJ
Rabbi Irit Printz     A World Without Bullying   Toronto Canada
Rabbi Arnold Rachlis     University Synagogue   Irvine CA
Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky     Watering the Tree Outside the Fence Foundation, Society of the Vav   Beaufort SC
Rabbi Jonah Rank     Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan   Syosset NY
Rabbi Perry Rank     Midway Jewish Center   Syosset NY
Rabbi Larry Raphael     Congregation Sherith Israel   San Francisco CA
Rabbi Rayzel Raphael     Temple Israel of Leighton   Melrose Park PA
Rabbi Joshua Ratner     JCRC of New Haven   New Haven CT
Rabbi Frederick Reeves     KAM Isaiah Israel   Chicago IL
Rabbi Victor Reinstein     Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue   Boston MA
Rabbi Shayna Rhodes     Hebrew College Rabbinical School   Newton MA
Rabbi Dorothy Richman     1   Berkeley CA
Rabbi Moti Rieber     Kansas IPL/Lawrence (KS) Community Congregation   Wichita KS
Rabbi Stephen M Robbins     Academy for Jewish Religion/California,  Congregation, N'vay Shalom   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Rochelle Robins     The Academy for Jewish Religion, California   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Norman Roman     Temple Kol Ami   West Bloomfield MI
Rabbi Joshua Rose     Congregation Shaarie Torah   Portland OR
Rabbi Brant Rosen     Jewish Voice for Peace   Evanston IL
Rabbi Stanley M. Rosenbaum     Sons of Jacob Synagogue   Waterloo IA
Rabbi Jason Rosenberg     Congregation Beth Am   Tampa FL
Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom     Distinguished Service Rabbi, Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park, PA   Elkins Park PA
Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld     Congregation Albert   Albuquerque NM
Rabbi Jessica Rosenthal     Reform   Prescott AZ
Rabbi John Rosove     Temple Israel of Hollywood, Los Angeles   Sherman Oaks CA
Rabbi Roger Ross     The new Synagogue (NYC)   Elmsford NY
Rabbi Jeff Roth     Awakened Heart Project   New Paltz NY
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein     Temple Sinai   Gansevoort NY
Rabbi Sarah Rubin     Reconstructionist   Seattle WA
Rabbi Jared Saks     Congregation Bet Ha'am   Portland ME
Rabbi Rick Schechter     Temple Sinai of Glendale   Glendale CA
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb     Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation; COEJL   Washington DC
Rabbi Howie Schneider     Chadeish Yameinu   Aptos CA
Rabbi Randy Schoch     Cong. Sha'are Shalom (Reform)   Oxon Hill, MD 20745 MD
Rabbi Gary Schoenberg     Gesher‚ÄîA Bridge Home   Portland OR
Rabbi Avi Schulman     Temple Beth Torah   Fremont CA
Rabbi Fred Schwalb     Hebrew Congregation of Somers, NY   Croton On Hudson NY
Rabbi Arthur Schwartz     Retired   Huntington NY
Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz     Temple Bnai Israel   Willimantic CT
Rabbi Sid Schwarz     Clal: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership   Rockville MD
Rabbi Allen Secher     Retired   Whitefish MT
Rabbi Arthur Segal     Jewish Spiritual Renewal of the Lowcountry   Hilton Head SC
Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenberg     neohasid.org   Northampton MA
Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller     UCLA Hillel   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph     Makom Kadosh   West Chester PA
Rabbi Erica Sekuler Lebovitz     Conservative   Livingston NJ
Rabbi Gerald Serotta     Shirat HaNefesh   Chevy Chase MD
Rabbi Isaac Serotta     Lakeside Congregation   Highland Park IL
Rabbi Drorah Setel     Kehillah   Buffalo NY
Rabbi Mark Shapiro     Sinai Temple   Longmeadow MA
Rabbi Rick Shapiro     Congregation Beth Torah   Overland Park KS
Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman     Congregation Kehillah   Scottsdale AZ
Rabbi Randy Sheinberg     Temple Tikvah   New Hyde Park NY
Rabbi Aaron Sherman     Beth Israel Congregation, Florence, SC   Charleston SC
Rabbi David Shneyer     Kehila Chadasha and Am Kolel Renewal Community   Rockville MD
Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn     Congregation Tehillah   Bronx NY
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner     (as of July 1) Temple Beth Tikvah   (as of July 1) Roswell GA
Rabbi Judith Siegal     Temple Judea   Coral Gables FL
Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel     B'nai Or of Boston   Needham MA
Rabbi Ariana Silverman     Central Conference of American Rabbis   Detroit MI
Rabbi Daniel Silverstein     n/a   Bronx NY
Rabbi Suzanne Singer     Riverside Temple Beth El   Riverside CA
Rabbi Jonathan Slater     Institute for Jewish Spirituality   Hastings on Hudson NY
Rabbi Rachel Smookler     Temple Beth David   Rochester NY
Rabbi Mark Sobel     Temple Beth Emet   West Hills CA
Rabbi Ruth Sohn     HUC-JIR, Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual Direction   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Scott Sokol     Temple Emanuel of Marlborough   Marlborough MA
Rabbi Eric Solomon     Beth Meyer Synagogue   Raleigh NC
Rabbi Marc Soloway     Congregation Bonai Shalom   Boulder CO
Rabbi Robin Sparr     Temple Emanuel   Natick MA
Rabbi Wendy Spears     Congregation Or Ami / RabbiWendy.com   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Toba Spitzer     Congregation Dorshei Tzedek   Waltham MA
Rabbi ed Stafman     OHALAH President   Bozeman MT
Rabbi Mark Staitman     Retired   Pittsburgh PA
Rabbi Cy Stanway     44 Lambert Johnson Drive   Ocean NJ
Rabbi Daniel Stein     Bnai Abraham Synagogue   Easton PA
Rabbi Howard Stein     Temple Hadar Israel   Pittsburgh PA
Rabbi Margot Stein     RRC   Bala Cynwyd PA
Rabbi Naomi Steinberg     Temple Beth El   Carlotta CA
Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill     Ohr Shekinah   Richmond CA
Rabbi Ron Stern     Stephen Wise Temple   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman     Aleph   Housatonic MA
Rabbi Debbie Stiel     Temple Beth Shlom   Topeka KS
Rabbi Michael Strassfeld     Society for the Advancement of Judaism   NY NY
Rabbi Mark Strauss-Cohn     Temple Emanuel of Winston-Salem, NC   Winston-Salem NC
Rabbi Joshua Strom     Temple Shaaray Tefila   New York NY
Rabbi Alana Suskin     Americans for Peace Now   Washington DC
Rabbi Brooks Susman     Congregation Kol Am of Freehold   Freehold NJ
Rabbi Louis Sutker     Or Shalom   Vancouver Canada
Rabbi Daniel Swartz     Interfaith Power & Light   
Rabbi Larry Tabick     Shir Hayim/Hampstead Reform Jewish Community   London United Kingdom
Rabbi Susan Talve     Central Reform Congregation, St. Louis   St. Louis MO
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman     Bnai Keshet   Montclair NJ
Rabbi David Teutsch     Reconstructionist Rabbinical College   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Barbara Shulamit Thiede     Temple Or Olam   Concord NC
Rabbi Karen Thomashow     Isaac M. Wise Temple   Cincinnati OH
Rabbi Debbi Till     Reform   Rochester NY
Rabbi Rachel Timoner     Leo Baeck Temple   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Daniel Treiser     Temple B'nai Israel   Clearwater FL
Rabbi Lawrence Troster     Shomrei Breishit   Teaneck NJ
Rabbi Moshe Waldoks     independent congregation Temple Beth Zion   Newton MA
Rabbi Brian Walt     Tikkun v'Or, Ithaca, New York   West Tisbury MA
Rabbi Susan Warshaw     Temple Bat Yam   Alexandria VA
Rabbi Arthur Waskow     The Shalom  Center   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Julia Watts Belser     n/a   Arlington VA
Rabbi Seth Wax     Congregation Mount Sinai   New York NY
Rabbi Deborah Waxman     Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, President   Wyncote PA
Rabbi Joshua Waxman     Or Hadash: A Reconstructionist Congregatioh   Fort Washington PA
Rabbi Donald Weber     Temple Rodeph Torah   Morganville NJ
Rabbi Ezra Weinberg     YM&YWHA of Washington Heights   New York NY
Rabbi Sheila Weinberg     Institute for Jewish Spirituality   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Cheryl Weiner     Community Rabbi/Chaplain   Hollywood FL
Rabbi Daniel Weinr     Temple De Hirsch Sinai   Seattle WA
Rabbi Samuel Weintraub     Kane Street Syngogue   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi Stephen Weisman     Temple Solel   Bowie MD
Rabbi Cory Weiss     Temple Har Zion   Thornhill Canada
Rabbi Judy Weiss     Citizens' Climate Lobby (volunteer)   Brookline MA
Rabbi Max Weiss     Oak Park Temple B'nai Abraham Zion   Oak Park IL
Rabbi Rachel Weiss     Congregation Beit Simchat Torah   BROOKLYN NY
Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias     Temple Beth El   Santa Cruz CA
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg     New North London Synagogue   London United Kingdom
Rabbi Joseph Wolf     Havurah Shalom, Portland, Oregon   Portland OR
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz     Uri L'Tzedek, Orthodox Social Justice   Scottsdale AZ
Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers     Movement for Reform Judaism UK   BOREHAMWOOD United Kingdom
Rabbi Sara Zacharia     post-denominational   Brooklyn NY
Rabbi Joel Zaiman     rabbi emeritus Chizuk Amuno, Baltimore   Baltimore MD
Rabbi David Zaslow     Havurah Shir Hadash, Jewish Renewal   Ashland OR
Rabbi Michael Zedek     Emanuel Congregation   Chicago IL
Rabbi Adam Zeff     Germantown Jewish Centre   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Tali Zelkowicz     Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion   Los Angeles CA
Rabbi Matthew Zerwekh     Temple B'nai Israel, Kalamazoo MI   Parchment MI
Rabbi Shawn & Simcha Zevit     Mishkan Shalom   Philadelphia PA
Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman     Temple Israel   Minneapolis MN
Rabbi Rain Zohav     Interfaith Family Project of Washington, DC   Rockville MD