Chipping Barnet Hustings 2

A second hustings took place.  After Barnet Church was filmed, with audible booing from certain sections of Labour who were sat near the recording equipment, for whatever reason we were told not to film in the second hustings.

The chair and Rabbi of the synagogue said a few words and we stood for a minutes silence
"Ultimately we are all joined together with our same cause in mind." the Rabbi explained the meaning of the Hebrew "chavrusa" and "chaver" which means friend and "chibur" which means joined.
Questions which came up:
Richard Carlowe in the chair allowed some introductory speeches which pre empted some burning questions in the community's agenda outlined in the ten commitments 2017 edition
 She "has shone a light on antisemitism that exists..  [as it does in all parties]. I will not hide it"  She supports Mike Katz' ammendment from the Chakrabarti report, "that would make sure it has no place"
She revealed that she is secretary of the largest CLP (Constituency Labour Party) which would be in Haringey which of course means that Phil is pretty much the only local challenger in this contest.

Theresa Villiers spoke of her involvement in a 2006 report on antisemitism from the all party parliamentary group (APPG) on the subject.  She described boycotts of Israel as unacceptable, and emphasised the link.  Also very emphatic of her personal support for Israel in her closing remarks.

Marisha Ray said that the root cause of much of these issues is prosperity, reading her speech from yellow paper!

Phil Fletcher spoke of his and his party's opposition to antisemitism obviously.  He said "we punch above our weight" and is concerned that UKIP for instance get lots of air time.

Richard Carlowe in the chair asked one question to each candidate.
Labour canvassing, how do they deal with the objections to Jeremy Corbyn?
Conservatives (Tories).  Manifesto lacking in detail and badly explained policies.  Complacent?
Lib Dem manifesto thankfully shorter. Centrist.  Is there something for everyone.
Green issues are obviously good but seems a copy of Labour.  Has the Green party strayed too far and become left of centre?

Questions submitted in advance from the floor:
Is there one item in the manifesto you'd prefer was not there?
Tax section
Sheila Graves: your stance on inheritence tax?
Michael: Is the Government pitching for a maximum tax for welfare state or is it just to punish success?
What would you do to uphold "peace of the realm"? quoted the prayer - We came for refuge... How will you keep us safe and secure?
Marisha spoke of alienation as the root cause

How will the process of Brexit happen?

Phil gave an example of what he told me was a history of peaceful multi cultural Europe with a Jewish contribution to society.

The gravity model of trade
European Medicines Association

Weiss - Education cuts might lead to a 4 day week and Amazon shopping lists for stationary supplies
Ruth Levin - a parent

Theresa Villiers gave the standard party line in response - which Phil called out and raised the library cuts too, calling for a radical tax reform

Quick question on Faith Schools

Rebecca Lerner & Malcolm Peters asked about tuition fees.

Daniela Frankl: Asked Theresa Villiers to support votes at 16 like in the scottish referendum

An East Barnet resident asked about who would you ally with in a hung parliament!