TORY 'FACTS' ON ZAC ARE SO MISLEADING - letter printed in this weeks Jewish News

I question some of the Tory facts inserted into the full page advert last week, for "Zac Goldsmith: man of principle". The Tories have delivered, and will deliver, more air pollution not less, in City Hall. The Green Party candidate has received a rating of 10/10 from air pollution experts compared to Zac's negative rating. As for shechita and burial these are not under threat and they are just trying to scare you, especially as Mr Khan is of a faith that is committed to these traditions as well. I would question whether they are lying about police numbers. This election is not run by first-past-the-post so allowing the community to bounce out of our tactical voting habits and vote for what you believe in. Finally I'd like to thank the Jewish News for inviting a Green representative to speak the JW3 meeting. I understand because the time was moved later you will be hearing from Jonathan who is number 4 on the London-wide party list. (The leading candidate has Council duties that night). Ben Samuel, Hendon (The Jewish News editorial team kindly changed vote for what you believe in to vote for what they believe in, which does not make sense)

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