Party Election Broadcast for Local and London elections

We've launched a preview of tonight's video, grown up politics. Here's a representative comment, under our video on YouTube, "As much as I despise your politics this was actually a piece of masterful satire. If you could create a documentary-style series like this I would certainly enjoy it. Just make sure to cut out the bit after 2:36, that was really silly; and also satire yourself now and again along with the other smaller parties." Here's what someone wrote under the London version, urging people to vote Green on the Pink and Orange ballot papers, with the catchphrase the power of good ideas read badly by a voice actor. Mike Van fag, 3 minutes ago "Yet another pathetic attempt from the greens. Still....if you know you ha e no chance I suppose you can afford to make crap like this eh?" You can also see the hustings last night, that I helped Jonathan prepare for. Our strategy to lay into the Tories in this glorious edit,

*** Green Party press alert ***

Green Party release daring, genre-busting Party Election Broadcast

* Green Party again breaks the mould with comic #GrownUpPolitics Party Election Broadcast



Following the success of spoof boy band video 'Change the Tune' last year, the Green Party has released ‘The not so secret life of 5 year-old politicians’, a satirical election broadcast designed to shake up British politics.

The broadcast positions the Green Party as the only true alternative to the establishment parties, who offer more of the same childish Punch and Judy politics. 

In the daring broadcast, child actors playing British politicians are shown squabbling and infighting in amusing ‘playground politics’ scenarios. In one scene, Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson is seen lording it over his rivals from the top of the climbing frame and promising to flush Chancellor George Osborne’s “long term-economic plan” down the toilet. In another comical scene, front-benchers trade petty insults at a raucous Prime Minister’s Questions in the school gym. 

Greens believe that politics isn't something that should be done to the public - instead politicians should work alongside people to tackle shared problems. The broadcast reinforces the party’s commitment to “stand up to protect our NHS and ensure that the quality of your health care is never determined by what’s in your wallet” and “do everything it can to empower people: redistributing influence so it’s no longer in the hands of the privileged few.”

The film was directed by Neil Harris via Smuggler London Limited, on behalf of Creature of London who created the film, their third film for the Green Party. ‘Change the Tune’, the Greens’ boy band spoof video went viral on the internet.

‘The not so secret live of 5 year old politicians’ will first be broadcast at 18.25 on ITV Wednesday 6th April 2016. 


Archie Thomas
Press and Communications Manager
The Green Party of England and Wales

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