Mom's letter in the Jewish Tribune

Dear Sir, 

At this time of year, some people may feel panicky about how they're going to get rid of unwanted chametz before Pesach.

Last year and already this year, I'm seeing a lot of food being dumped in our local park and next to public waste bins.  This is illegal and is a waste of food.  It does no good to local song-birds but feeds rats.  I've had to call the vet several times when my dog found food in the park and ate it:  some "people food" is poisonous to dogs. 

  Please may I remind readers that JGIFT will take non-perishable food which is in sealed packaging and within its "use-by" date.  Colindale Foodbank are happy to accept bread if it isn't stale.  

With thanks and best wishes


Contact details 
020 8457 4429

Colindale Foodbank
07909 702381

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