#limmud panel on theology, post -Shoa

We need to talk about one of the most difficult things, God.  Christian thought needs a radical new theology, 70 years after the holocaust.
One thing i have found quite shocking is the out moded idea that suffering and illness happen because they sinned and had it brought upon them.  We call this victim -blaming.
In Jewish thought, Emmanual Levinas is a useful philosopher who is shaped by the Nazi horror He lived 1906-1995
He said that the justification of suffering is at the heart of all immortality.
Dr Tamra Wright also brought a feminist response to the holocaust, Melissa Raphael - The Female Face of God in Auschwitz: A Feminist Theology of the Holocaust.
Someone quoted Whitney Houston "what's God got to do with it?" and doesn't see (the late Reform Judaism Chief Rabbi Hugo Gryn) "where was God?" are we asking the wrong question?
Could any of you envisage having this conversation in Poland? The conversations that follow are very depressing. In arts, should we remain silent about it or speak about it?
See also,
Zoe Waxman Writing the Holocaust
Olivia who works for Holocaust Memorial Day Trust says a significant proportion of events are based on rituals such as prayer.  We have seen genocides since them which add in to the discussion.

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