Who's West Hendon? Our West Hendon

Who's community? Our community
Who's lives? Our lives!"

I want to start off with this story by Paulette if you haven't already heard of the background to this.


The group marched to present the petition to their MP, which was denied.  So they'll be presenting the petition to the council tomorrow whilst they are here... I guess it will be accepted by Labour councillors if the leadership don't show up.

Many thanks to Barnet Green Party for their superb online support: The video of my rousing testimony has been posted up on facebook and it's one of the rare occasions I find myself in this situation, that people actually listen to what I have to say.  I share it on my page www.facebook.com/greenbsamuel

I wrote up my day,
blog on 28th March

I am sitting in the town hall.  It's 9.30 and the penultimate day of testimonies is about to start.  I can hear the pigeons cooing in their heavenly abode.  I was up early this morning in time to deal with a few emails before my paper round.
I agree with Katie, on the front page of the Daily Mail.  Every disabled child deserves to get enough benefits to get to school.  If that means the tax payer offering her enough for a taxi fair, that is her decision whether she gives some of it to charity.  She will probably spend it on something really naff!  but anyway.  Save the independent living fund.  The Daily Mail is screaming shock at this or that, a really awful paper.  The big story is the inquiry in London into Putin.  The Indy's take on this is the nuclear element literally putting thousands of lives at risk, well whoever was on the plane with him.  Wasn't it Polonium.
Anyway then I went to the JobCentre to sign.  She asked if I have a bad memory.  Yesterday I forgot whether I had objected to the planning application.  I totally dodged the question.
I went to buy some bread.  It's expensive but i'm not complaining.  I got a parev chocolate brownie and pain-au-chocolat and a bun for lunch.  It's going to be quite bad weather so I've taken my vitamin D in chemical form!

The morning of the inquiry had a very brave testimony from a representative or 2 of the disabled people of West Hendon who made a very good equalities case.  Then Miss Parsons invited a witness from Lambeth to talk about the current issue of viability.  Two Labour Councillors are due to appear, but I am not sure if they will say anything of consequence: political support is welcome.


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