Local Greens offer a new approach to the Council budget

It's quite a good day for balanced press coverage.  I had this letter published in the Barnet Press.

A Green Council would further open up their budget consultation to a "participatory budgeting" model.  This could include a flash game on the website where you could play with each departments budget on a sliding scale and see what Barnet's services would look like.  I understand that is very hard to balance residents feedback against the cuts so difficult decisions must be made; such as a progressive council tax.

  I urge armchair activists to make their voices heard against what is effectively a poll tax on those who can not afford it, so that the rich can be bribed a council tax freeze equivalent to filling up a Range Rover.  Reform is needed on a wider level but Barnet Council are not asking for this, because it gives them an excuse to push their new ideology.

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