My view on Earth Song

I recently saw a new Michael Jackson video which I would encourage you to take a look at.  It is Earth Song (live), a modern sequel to the number 1 music video of the '90's.

It is a video which says a lot and I first saw it on Top of the Pops as a child, on a small black and white TV in the kitchen with my friend, then child minder, "Sponge".  My mom later took me to see the History tour live which quotes the famous Civil Rights movement MLK Jr. speech.
It says a lot that amidst the breath taking scenery of rain forest, stands Michael Jackson cruciform between two tree stumps.  I am no Christian but I recognise the symbolism, one of MJJ's favourite poses, and reject it.  It is a somewhat apocalyptic story you could say.  What have we done to the world?  War, famine, celebrities as savior.  Usually white celebrities.

Imagine (it isn't hard to do) what would happen if the Government listened to Michael Jackson and his army of American, European, North West London fans.  If they marched to his tune there would soon be a USA (that great bastion of democracy around the world with Michael Jackson's personal sponsor Sadam Hussain) invasion of Brazil and Amazonia.  I have a map of America on the wall.  Quite similar to Africa you see those straight lines.  There is a word for this sort of environmentalism: colonialism.  It is eco colonialism that reigns supreme in Israel with organisations like the JNF planting trees just like the girl in Michael Jackson's Earth Song (live).  MJ did not create the video with native Amazon tribes rather people dressed as Indians is more in style than we would like to think in the state of California where he is a citizen.

He is right about one thing.  One week before he died he addressed his touring band of talented dancers and singers.  There is nothing to be nervious about he said, just convey the important message that we are all one.  This is often a theme in shows and one reason I like Green Politics because I know that there is no escaping air pollution.  We are all the victim and we are all the polluter including future generations and, other species.

As a scientist I see inspiration in nature especially after my visit to South Africa between school and University.  However these ideas do need to be worked into a plan of action which is not to big up the oppressors but to be a campaign of the oppressed.  The Americans (I mean not US citizens) I met in Paris during the alternative climate talks, emphasised that it is not the planet we must save but ourselves.  We depend on its sustenance just to continue life.  The planet will be OK , it will go on, but will humanity?

One last plea.  If you still haven't watched the Earth Song video don't do it in anything lower than DVD or Blu Ray quality.

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