open letter to my elected representatives

Zac Goldsmith has resigned his seat and is standing as an independent on December 1st.  He wants to make this a "referendum" on Heathrow but since relaying my concerns about climate change some other issues have reared their ugly head.
- Zac can not be trusted to deliver anything for his disabled constituents because he voted to cut the money they need.
- Zac has been described by the left as "nasty".  Here in Hendon his nasty campaign talked up Islamic radical extremism without actual action to improve our environment.  Meanwhile the Green response to the Paris attacks was to strengthen inter faith links in Europe as part of the movement for climate justice for peace.  False accusations of antisemitism fly but will not stick when they are mistaken.

  Even the pro-Israel Anti Defamation League whose raison d'etre is fighting antisemitism, are on their guard.

I therefore request that you put party and backers aside when it comes to Richmond Park and North Kingston and put the national interest first, putting the community first.



32 Haslemere Avenue

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