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It wasn't my idea but the animal policy working group let me do the speech
Billions of animals are slaughtered in the UK each year for the food industry, effective monitoring and updating of procedures and continually improving scientific and ethical knowledge should be required by law to ensure the best possible welfare of animals prior to and at the time of slaughter.
Shimon Cohen (Director Schehita UK), Yunus Dudhwala (Chairman, Halal Monitoring Committee), Compassion in World Farming, Greens for Animal Protection, Food and Agriculture Policy Working Group.
Delete AR404 and replace with
AR405 The Green Party will phase out all forms of factory farming and support a transition to small-scale, free-range units, mixed rotational farming and extensive grazing (seeFA660-661). We support the highest levels of animal welfare in farming and shall ensure that the ‘Five Freedoms’ listed in the Animal Welfare Act are applied to all farm animals. In particular we shall decrease maximum stocking densities and ensure appropriate environments are provided for all farm animals in order to permit expression of natural behaviour. We shall prohibit all caged rearing of poultry, including enriched cages. We shall prohibit all painful mutilations such as beak trimming of poultry and tail docking of pigs. We shall ensure that when slaughter must take place it is done so as to cause least suffering  to the animal, with due regard to species and individual animal factors and is monitored without prejudice towards minority religious and cultural groups

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