Barnet Housing Commission report released

Here's what my non-party-political activist friend Janette had to say in an extract from her evidence. “Since becoming involved in the Our West Hendon campaign, through Barnet Housing Action Group, I have spent a vast amount of my time with residents...and it breaks my heart to be honest. To live in limbo as they do -all of them- the secure and temporary tenants, the leaseholders, not knowing where they will be living in the future, having very, very little choice, if any at all, in where it will be, not even knowing how much the future rents are going to be, where their children go to school, and all that goes with moving to somewhere not of your choice is a constant source of anxiety and worry and stress. “And then on top of all that crisis, because they are actually living in a mental crisis mode state, they are living in a middle of a building site, suffering the noise, not being able to allow their children to go out and play with any certainty that they will be safe because of the danger of the lorries - the building site is being constructed on what used to be their playground, their green space. The constant traffic of lorries, congestion, pollution, dust, is a daily torture. I do wonder how many people on the estate are needing to access mental health services in one way or another.”

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