The Green Party is in a strong position in this country when it comes to leadership contests. I would not know where to start when talking about who runs my local party, which is the building block of how we organise because of our belief in devolution on putting power locally. A lot of it is looking at the selection for the Mayor of London in 2016. Like the leader, our Mayoral and Barnet & Camden candidate will have to be good at speaking for us through the broadcast media. For me leadership is not about blindly following some dictator or a cult of personality. It is a quality within us all. The question is what defines us "going forward". Are we going to sit there and take heavy election defeats (in which case look no further than Barnet and Hertsmere branches) or are we going to be an insurgent political party achieving great and radical swings in a warming Britain? It's terribly unpredictable but in the next few years it is in our hands. Those are my thoughts on leadership, and you bet I will be part of the next Green wave.

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