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I got this thank you email It’s been a week, and we’re finally starting to recover after a long election night, and an even longer campaign. We’re sending you this because you contributed to Democracy Club’s candidate database and web site, First off a huge thank you for helping out! We really couldn’t have done it without you! 4.5 million page viewed our site with over 1 million unique users. Over the various debates we had around 900 concurrent users, and on election day we had around 2,000 concurrent users for most of the day. Those figures don’t include the other sites that used our data, including the campaign group 38 Degrees, Google (embedding a widget on their search results and the home page on election day), most of the national newspapers (The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Independent), bloggers and others we don’t even know about. Someone told me that they thought our data was ‘powering the election’, as everyone they talked to said they were using YourNextMP. We’re particularly proud of the accuracy of the data. We think we had the highest quality of data out there, and we even submitted corrections to some 3rd party commercial datasets. You made our site what it is, so thank you again, and we’ll be in touch soon to talk about what we should do next - but feel free to let us know sooner :) We want to make Democracy Club an organisation that can exist to make important sites like this for all elections. If you’d like to see this happen, please consider supporting us with a small donation. Thanks again, Sym and all at Democracy Club p.s. you can still give to the Green Party, we could use a mini cash injection too!

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