Barnet Green Party, with over 300 members, can be trusted to represent you, based on ten core principles that define Green politics.
Here is the Green vision in terms readers "not interested in politics" can understand.
May 2nd, 2020, you are woken by your children walking to school, with the sun's rays lighting up your spacious home, reflected off solar panels.  Back in the "oil age" it was just garages out there but your Residents Association released it for 50 council homes, under the community right to build. Because TTIP was stopped back in 2015, you are able to take your coffee with fresh organic milk from Edgware, as you catch up with an elderly neighbour about the democracy you still enjoy.
You kiss your spouse goodbye as you both head to work, which is a ten-minute bike-ride through the regenerated town centre.  As you buy your daily "Hendon Times" the shop-keeper tells you about her railway tour through Europe's green and pleasant land - yesterday was a bank holiday.  You dock your bike in the cycle hire stand outside work as your eye pad logs in to the public wi-fi for a video conference.  Your colleague, who had another baby, feels happy with the community NHS and is enjoying free child care. After the 2014 Gagging Law was repealed, your colleagues were able to campaign with North London Citizens for a £10 Living Wage.  Poppy, the Council's leader, is on the line, listening to the concerns of local business about parking (some things never change).

At 28 and very much the new kid on the block, I am trail-blazing with a positive message and clean campaign. My priority is putting the community first, better transport, stronger society, fairer economy, for the common good.

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