Hi, so it's Sunday, I am not a professional writer so excuse the ranty style and length of this piece.  I guess the reason I've got more blog hits is people have finally started to notice me within the Green Party accross the country, and local people who've found my blog want to know who their new candidate is.
The fact is Barnet Green Party selected someone incredibly active in local politics.  Here is an action over the road in Golders Green's Childs Hill ward.

I was ill but from a glance at the papers for Planning Committee on the 25th (not the 28th that was an error) the officers are making some false claims about why developers should be handed yet an other much loved green amenity space in the name of regeneration.  The Councillors do not have to accept their recommendations.  On the same night, plans for West Hendon Estate are considered.  There is an Our West Hendon meeting as usual advertised on facebook, mainly to get legal help for people's cases so they are encouraged to bring paperwork.  Kalim and I were hoping to raise more political issues but we'll see.  maybe there'll be time to informally chat before the meeting.  Jasmine has passed my message from Childs Hill on to Derrick who chairs West Hendon residents association which is a fairly good indication that I am proposing something sensible.

I am going through the Sunday papers and making some comments on the Guardian website (under the username BenGlasto).  Back in 2011 when we had the AV referendum, one of our talking points is that the Oscars use AV to choose the best film.  I guess if they used our current voting system, which Greens believe is unfair, we would end up with Oscar nominated films similar to Ed Balls and John Prescott picking up gongs.

I have been feeling a bit unwell.  It is quite stressful being a Green General Election candidate and I have jobs to keep up, chores, communal responsibilities, and other hobbies to keep up with.  I think I picked up this cold cycling back from Sweets Way in the rain, then developed it through this winter weather we've been enjoying.
I have been coming out with a lot of stuff that is not from the Green Party's epic policies file.  So last night I had a glance at the economics chapter and some others such as ROPS (record of policy statements).  I have on my reading list a  positive alternative to TTIP which would make a sort of global economy that Greens want to support.  I am also reading "rules for radicals"
I attended a seminar that launched the latin america series at Middlesex Uni (post grad).

I've also joined Barnet Greens to film our main campaign video for 2015 and gave a stirring performance, and finally had a look at some of the other videos.  Some of them, not naming any names are shocking in their errors.  I notice little things like their tone.  One major error of the Young Greens was not to bother producing a video, even though we have so much young talent both politically and technically.  We used to pride ourselves being more organised than the grown up party, and I feel the green surge and green growth fund has allowed the grown up party to catch up by hiring organisers and professionalising somewhat.  Some videos, such as Exerter, one in Cornwall, Ealing, and others are so good I tweeted them.  As a fellow Jewish candidate I am a particular fan of Norwich Green party.  But Norwich is unfortunate that it's in a very UKIP region with no Green MEP yet again.
Brighton also has a Jewish Community.  I have read the antisemitism report and discussed it with my parents and written to the leader and HQ about our disciplinary procedure, but not heard back.  I was also disappointed with the party's structures not being accountable at the re-formated London Green Party meeting.  It's a balance between having an interesting political and planning discussion focused on one thing, and actually being able to raise things particularly with the GPRC reps formally or informally.
I received an email from Theo at Seize the day for details of their fundraising gig.  Theo is a phenomenal crowd funder and also produced a lovely poem for registering to vote.

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