Cat Hill, Chipping Barnet: A New Hope

I had the pleasure of an over-night visit Hertfordshire and North London's premier eco-protest, meeting Morgan the dedicated eco-warrior, and a number of local and squatting residents.  I did not get much sleep.  The police came out to see what was going on too, called twice that day by the security guard of the property developer. So far, newts have lost their homes, and the dreams of future generations literally crushed.  The former Middlesex University Cat Hill Campus offers real personal growth, excitement, and connection with people and the environment.  London's Green Belt is very much under threat and I would encourage readers to start similar campaigns to save the trees locally.  
We at Cat Hill Protest camp urge the Government to seriously read all the regulations they plan to cut, in case we lose something that we love.  And what is money, growth, and dividends ultimately but a piece of paper?

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