On last night's TV, Nick Clegg fronts his one man campaign

Oh dear!  I fear this latest message from the Lib Dems will be, how do you say in English, shooting themselves in the foot.
First of all, they clearly haven't seen this broadcast from the Green Party, released just after the patronising and alienating "Debate on Europe".
Secondly, claiming Europe is good for students because of ERASMUS.  Hello? Tuition fees?

Students feel totally betrayed by the Lib Dems.  That's why they joined us in huge numbers in the last few years, making our youth wing larger than the Lib Dems' and sadly split on the question of tuition fees and the coalition.

And most importantly: Nick Clegg.  He was a star once but so, so, unpopular now.  He's just an angry man clinging on to power.

Greens in Europe agree with nick that Europe is vital to protecting our wider environment.  Thanks for making that point but I'll be voting Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party) as my first preference, thanks for the tip.

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