What next for students fighting fees and cuts?

There will be a national day of action on the 5th to occupy your local library, for obvious reasons.

I met a non-hierarchical PR guy called Jonathan who gave us tips on how to co-opt the press. I will definitely be following his suggestion to keep blog posts short and news-flashy. He would be good for a training event: If you're reading this Jontathan, send us your CV ;-).

Jonathan said that the coming fuel strikes, if they emerge, will be a rare opportunity for the culture jammers such as myself and the Green London Assembly Candidates: To engage with a hidden working class.

Despite losing the parliament's vote on fees last month, the next generation will continue to take a stand for what you believe in. The Young Greens have challenges and opportunity as published down the back of dear Adam's newspaper-style website Bright Green Scotland. That starts with me taking a stand against "Coalman", Barnet's leading conservative full-time politician. I won't be standing directly against him unless I lose the list vote and to be honest I have very little confidence in the process but can only take a stand, and hope to achieve something here.

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