Pre-selection: 2 down 1 to go!

I'm trying to get selected.  I know people who have procrastinated or given up because they don't have time or they are afraid of losing or they are not committed to the Green Party.
But today I made a difference by attending a meeting of the Lambeth Green Party.
Most of the interesting bits of the meeting happen before and after:  We start with my favourite part attunement, which is basically a minute's silence.
The meeting voted to support my nomination.  Ben for GLA yay!
I think my speech genuinely resonated with some of the women in the meeting, which is interesting.  One of them is seriously stressed about redundency before they've even sent out the letters yet.  Imagine how the people of 331 Youth Centre feel after last Thursday's emergency meeting!  Probably like taking a lot of alcohol all at once.
My local party supports my nomination and I need the written support of 3 to get selected for the pre-list.
Coming up I have an other Barnet meeting which clashes with West & Central, my dinosaur AV-hating Union, and 2 other local parties.  Brent, I need to find out about to organise a meeting, possibly alongside Friends of the Earth or something. 
Then I have Camden next Sunday with some female supporter I met at a Fed meeting, 13th Jan is Merton and Ealing.  When I cycled to Brighton I went past somewhere called Merton.

The purpose of this group is to communicate the best policies and campaign resources during the 2012 election.  I will post links to all pdfs to print your own fliers, posters, and billboards.  Please use recycled paper if you feel the urge!

This pre-selection campaign is part of the GLA campaign promoted by Martin Bleach for the London Green Party, both of 1a Waterlow Road, London.

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