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Photo by Rustam, Media co-ordinator at YoungGreenParty
I just got home from the big social event of the London Young Greens, who didn't exist 2 years ago but now have one elected officer, a skeleton consitution, 2 email lists, a facebook page, a group. I could go on, but I'll plug some of the people there who signed my nomination form for the selection ballot:

Teresa, who says I don't look left-leaning,

Andy, with the Clash - London Calling t-shirt, who it seems signed up my politically left-leaning friend in Barnet to the cause at a conference last year in the Friends' meeting house.!/Andy_Hewett/status/28894932743757824

It's been a long time since I've seen Jeannine. It's all about Jeannine, as I said about 5 years ago at the Peace Picnic: Before I even joined the Green Party. So glad she has just joined...

Matthew, a member in London from Nottingham, who went to my school and says so did the head of Liberty (who I might add, are hiring an experienced media campaigner at the moment).

Matt, who says he's breaking out of the Green bubble, told me I should speak to someone called Rob Smith I think, who's also into transport issues. Also we discussed nuclear energy, having just had a mailing on the subject.

I didn't have time to pester Farid but hope he'll forgive me. Likewise, theres no point pestering Gayle who I encouraged to come, from Manchester, because I think the rule is they have to be London members. I agree with Rustam who says that the rules should be laxer for new members wishing to take a stand.
And then there's Lee, who considers himself in an ethnic minority surrounded by "Southern Faries".

The flipside of the Priory Arms near Stockwell is that we had only 2 in attendance from the North - Elliot sent his apologies, and I counted 2 new members at any one time. Mind, I'm kind of glad underage people weren't present what with all the kissing, alcohol, smoking, body-doodling, and general banter going on.

(Last but not least Helen)

I will hand-deliver the spair signatures the day before the deadline on my way to work in North London.

I don't think there'll be a chance to vote for my selection at conference, though this might be a good idea.

I've resolved to be more polite in the way I pester people.

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