If we're going to save the NHS we'll have to make some sacrifices

Sorry, Dave, We're not talking about a pay cut for your office cleaners. We're talking about a progressive alliance.  We might not agree with other political groups but we have resolved to work with them in a progressive alliance against the cuts to vital public services.

Please contact me or via other YG's such as the office, if you are interested in booking early on Living Marxism, a conference that regularly entertains unionists and unionists alike.  I've never been but if a Green Left presence there attracted our committed Barnet & Green Left diversity officer to the Green Left it can't be all that bad.  In fact for 5 days it promises to be great value if you book in advance, as a group.  I will need to know numbers soon.

We are all one.

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  1. Well done Ben for succeeding in being accepted as a candidate for the Green Party's London list, despite all the hoops he had to jump through to qualify. Go Ben!

    By the way Ben, I tried to put a comment on your blog but it kept rejecting the identities I set for myself.

    Cheers, Andrew (Newby)