There is an important motion coming up in the England & Wales Green Party in the next few months of 2011 which seeks to clarify our postion on the cuts.
Personally, I was the first of 1 million recently unemployed young people. Most of these young NEETS are not in London, but I've discussed it in the JobCentre and London's jobs are very different. Definitely we are too reliant on financial services.
The cuts will obviously cast a cloud over the entire job market so I would like them to go away, something the ConDems have no intention of doing.
It has been suggested for expample that admin costs could be reduced but I would ammend the motion to make it clear that I would protect admin staff from central government cuts, and they need not worry! The real worry is what is your plan for when the polar ice cap melts and sea and river levels rise by 60 metres?
Furthermore, we won a seat in the Commons on a platform of "fair is woth fighting for". That means essentially that we stand for a living wage, reduced hours, cutting trident, not the welfare state which is the foundation for everything we stand for.

p.s. Jan 31st they've published the agenda order and it's D09, in other words unlikely we'll get thorugh 4 pages of other organisational motions to properly debate "my" motion.  However there is a Policy Committee motion in C Section... C01 which will be interesting.  It's quite long.
For more on youth unemployment please see this story from the revolution currently going on in the Arab world.

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