7 political events to get involved with

Monday: Day of action against cuts to DLA benefits:  London NW1, Nottingham, and all around the nation on the same day.
Public meeting on Parking Charges, Hendon Town Hall, Barnet, 7pm

Tuesday 25th Jan:  Come and have a drink with me in Barnet Green Drinks, an informall meeting at the pointy end of the Tally Ho Pub from 8pm. every month.

Wednesday 26th: MoHoLo (Message the housemates for the address)
Description: In collaboration with the JCC, our monthly hang out with Darfuri refugees and the extended Jewish community! Come to our House looking for fun, good conversation, and great food.

Thursday 27 January at City Hall

Friday: If you're Sabbath observant why not celebrate Shabbat at a private house in my ward: contact Vivienne if you're coming

In France a slogan emerged: "What parliament can do the movement can undo!" In 1990, the poll tax was voted through and later defeated.

On  January 29 there will be two demonstrations, one in London an done in Manchester and we will be showing that the students are here to stay.

for more information http://educationactivistnetwork.wordpress.com

LONDON: The demonstration in London has been called by Education Activist Network, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and University College Union (UCU)

MANCHESTER: On the same day there will be a TUC rally and demonstration in Manchester supported by UCU and PCS youth network

Sunday, Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) rally, 11am:
Host: Barnet TUC
Location: assemble Finchley central. March to Arts Depot, North Finchley for indoor rally with refreshments, speakers and bands
Contact/ Email info@barnettuc.org.uk


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