London Young Greens Meeting

Moaning is what Jenny Jones promised, and moaning is what you get with me when I'm exhausted, annoyed, or a mix. I was 15 minutes late to my LYG meeting and didn't have time to charge my phone or eat today, meaning that I missed a key meeting in Camden. I managed to fit in 1.5 hours of environmental services work today in Hackney, paid on the spot by cheque. It's a company chequebook and my boss was not sure where to sign so she signed over the bottom like a normal cheque. I hope it goes through as I'm pretty reliant on that. I want to use the Mayoral campaign to encourage more education of young people about other housing options than private rented accommodation. There's a great company that does up empty stately homes called the Property People: look them up.

I might ask Elliot to contribute some arguments to this blog about the May Referendum. He's planning on speaking at a local party meeting in Enfield, in a debate on the Alternative Vote.

My position on this is fairly clear, that through my work with Elliot I've discovered that you don't need to understand the technicalities of how it works. The point is that there are problems with the First Past the Post system that we must overcome. In order to have "balance" you can read the argument for at and the no campaign at
There's also a spoil-your-ballot contingient.

We're planning a party. Elliot's written some alternative lyrics to Red Flag.

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