video. Vote Ben SAMUEL NOW!

Just to make double sure you've seen and read my personal statement before casting your postal vote.  Please do not forget that you probably won't bother to come to the hustings so you may as well get it over with, after watching this video.

Secondly, you may remember that the last elections of this assembly were in 2008.  You can view the full list of candidates here.
You will notice that mine and a few others are new names on the list of candidates for the 11 positions, but other names such as Berry, Fisher, German, and Galloway have sadly disappeared.  Susan Luxton, and Shahrar Ali were constituency candidates last time, but the constituency candidates for 2012 will be announced a few months after the mayoral and list is decided.

I'd like to plug a blog that I don't have time to read and obviously don't endorse having not read it:

And one I certainly have read,
which is my smart-phone photo-blog and sports a great photo of Farid for Mayor, who the pictured officer of the London Young Greens thinks is a 1st class candidate for Mayor!

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