Loss of decent housing in London

... Since the Conservative government, the Loss of decent housing in London is such that 64% of new build should be socially registered...
An other point she made was "perhaps to widen the debate and bring people to give evidence to an inquiry" which the chair of the meeting replied positively to saying it's a "very very good suggestion".

To widen the debate on housing, the General London Assembly should hold an inquiry into this lack of fair housing for those waiting for it.  Everyone, even seemingly well-to-do people, has a story that shapes their view on the issue.

I am listening to my recording of the talk by Richard from "The Spirit Level".  A questioner in the front row to my right (or left if you're looking at us) played the devil's advocate and wound me up a few minutes before the chair wound up the debate.  I borrowed from someone's UKUncut speech when I answered her standard attack with "It's not the politics of envy, it's the politics of justice."

In saying that to this audience I may well have politicised a few activists in the room and let them see my passionate side.  A whole row were behind me from Queen Mary's university in South London.  One calling herself Anika made a good point about protest, how she felt uncomfortable about bringing kids and vulnerable people to the protest after seeing stories of smashing conservative HQ, which Jenny responded went a bit too far.

Fairpensions were there, and I'll see them today to meet someone called Louise who used to be a corporate lawyer and decided it was wrong so became a campaigner.  According to the Charity Commission website "THE MAIN AREAS OF CHARITABLE ACTIVITY ARE IN CAMPAIGNING AND EDUCATION OF THE PUBLIC IN THE PRINCIPLES, PRACTICE AND EFFECTS OF RESPONSIBLE AND ETHICAL INVESTMENT."  So I'm happy to meet with them and see if I can work with these people.

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