Let's not cut King George's A&E department!

Ben Samuel modelling the new Bristol-printed hemp and recycled polyester hooded top, grey, £25
Thanks to clashing with Green Party conference this demonstration managed to get 33 people to turn out to save the NHS. "This is something that effects us all".  So why such a small turnout?  That wouldn't be my question.

In fact the failure to turn out the 200 we were expecting means I have 250 flyers and 200 sheets of chants for the health block of the next big demonstration which will be massive.
Our sisters in the socialists are organising something on the 9th called Day X, and I'll be going to a protest outside the British Medical Association on the 15th with my wad of flyers.

I lost my voice but still got some good practice using our soundsystem, which we also agreed we'll bring from Chadwell on the March for the Alternative.  I was nervous but delivered a speech basically reading out the Green Party's flyer (right).

So by some standards it was a depressing flop, but I think it will only serve to feed into the fight we have ahead of us in the coming years of Con Dem rule.

I had a look at the London Young Greens policy pledge which they will be extending to GLA candidates. 

The following London Young Greens' policy pledge, which was voted though unanimously and signed by Farid4Mayor, is not solely to do with health but has some bearing on it.

  1. Fight for free universal education at all levels as a basic right.
  2. Actively oppose the current legal regime imposed on non-EEA students as a result of the points based immigration system, and fight also against the Conservative plans to cap or significantly reduce the number of overseas students able to secure visas to study in Britain.
  3. Actively support student demonstrations and use political office as a platform to challenge the criminalisation of protestors and the dismissal and misportrayal of demonstrations by the government, simply echoed in much of the media.
    Farid also talked to us about appealing to international Londoners.  I think we can do that if we all translate the leaflet (pictured) into Spanish and other languages spoken by groups of Londoners.  Please help us with that!

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