On Disability

The Green Party's youth wing, the Young Greens, and left wing, Green Left, have been trying to modernise the Party when it comes to equality and the politics of disability.
Today the radical group DPAC are calling for Lord Freud to resign by protesting outside Caxton House in Westminster where the DWP are based. Personally I think it's a shame yesterday's article didn't mention a citizens income: Our values are clear on why this is needed.
It's not my place to speak on behalf of the Green Party on something I'm not qualified in, but I am really proud of what I've done lately to include a range of people as much as possible.  One thing I dealt with recently I'm supposed to keep confidential!
However I will say this: If you have mobility issues, there's space in the Green Party for you.  We have literally thousands of young activists willing to do the legwork leafleting and canvassing where necessary.  But that's backed up by a veritable army of armchair activists whether you're reading this on your new iPad in a sheltered housing or on the bus, or at home, I hope we offer something for everyone.  I salute you!

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