Spoiling the fun of it and rude words on the ballot paper

A few thoughts on adult content and sex as a public good 

A lot has been said about the negative effects of Porn.  But a friend's dissertation says that the concept of prostitution is not as black & white as the law makes out.
The law says that sex is a transaction and money is a transaction and the two should not go together.  But why is it so often the woman selling and the man buying?

An other friend in the conversation, who was attempting to defend the "Policies for a Sustainable Society", or PSS, pointed out that research he has read shows that outcomes for male sex workers… sorry, prostitutes, have better outcomes than female ones.  This I think shows a fundamental split in feminism.  The question for all "good" men to think about is can patriarchy still be an issue in an all-male scenario?  And how can we men use our position of privilege to work for the common good, rather than smash it?

Misfits is a show on Channel 4 where in previous episodes one of the characters has the power to buy and sell powers at a handshake.  The first episode of the new 5th series of Misfits illustrates this transaction perfectly with 2 sex scenes.  The first is a woman begging a man to have sex with him so he can cure her of some unfortunate superpower.  She explains that he has the power to **** other people's powers out of them.  The happy ending is when he has sex with a male friend to cure him of a power that makes him the devil's agent on Earth.

How does this match with our core principles?
Back to my first friend who did this for her degree:  We live in a market society.  We are increasingly mediating all our transactions with money, with disastrous consequences.  We in the Green Party invite people to think about resisting this by stopping certain public goods from being sold off.  Be this our basic needs of food (allotments) and water (hydraulic fissure cracking), a bit of spending money no questions asked, a free World-class health service that is the biggest employer in Europe, and our sex as a public good.  As long as it's consensual, it should be allowed, dare I say encouraged.  There was an interesting art project involving a guy losing his virginity in the paper today.  These things are non-negotiable and should never be for sale.

A good example that compares sex with health and presents prostitution as a trigger for a revolution is Victor Hugo's great work Les Miserables.  Fantine sells her hair, her teeth, before finally renting out her vagina.

See this, and understand what we stand for, and why everyone in Britain might wake up and vote Green on May 22nd 2014, and if Green Party does not appear on the ballot, write a rude word on the ballot paper.  Feminist.

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