Notes from Nick Stern

I attended a lecture by Nick Stern on 24/9/13 at the Royal Society.  I am not sure which one  I am most excited by but did get a photo of myself in front of a portrate of John Locke.

Nick is chair of a green economics centre called see sep (Centre for climate change economics and policy) and that is what he talked about.  All the name badges said they were sponsored by Munich RE, who I hope will give other progressive groups some funding too.

The lecture co-incided with the launch of a sister centre in New York.

In attendence were Ericha Thompson of LSE, Simon Dietz of LSE, LEonard Smith, Peter Hippe, Swenja Suminski, who had earlier held a workshop in the afternoon.

Also was Judith Rees of LSE who introduced the speaker.
l will not go into detail as to the lecture or powerpoint slides which are available on the CCCEP website.

Wuestions came from:
Bonfa - on data and international cooperative policy.
A young chap from The Environment Agency asked how fracking and renewable investment can coexist.  Apparently they can, says Stern, just use credit creation I suppose.  All the wrong answers I think.
Laura Mckenzie works for an MP.  She says leave the gas in the ground and put the tax breaks to desirable investments.  Nick agrees we need a good policy
 Amelia Womack asked about ecocide and laws.  Nick responded "I think it's very important that we talk about future generations."

Speaking of which I wonder how the Euro-list count went.

Other questions:
Where will climate change action come from?
John B. Leeds
Megan Evans from Australia asked what we can do about her new PM's aweful policy U turn against a carbon tax.
Sam Bickersteth from PwC who "works in the developing world" asked how it can contribute
Peter asked about different technologies.
Stern responded that since he published his report solar PV has become 5 times cheaper.

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