Message from Federal USA Greens campaign chair

I got an email this morning, here's my favourite bit,

The Green Party is the answer to so many problems plaguing our nation and our world.
And that’s likely the reason our party membership is growing like wildfire. 
Our victories are growing, too - including victories in this past election. There were over 1.2 million votes for the Green Party ticket of Stein/Baraka nationwide. Then also, both Maine and Benton County, Oregon both adopted measures approving ranked-choice voting.
Washington State passed Initiative 735 and California passed Proposition 59 calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate, court-created concepts of “corporate constitutional rights” and “money equals political speech.”
We're proud of that record.
Greens were also elected at the local level! We elected 3 in Minnesota, 5 in Michigan, and 10 to 13 in California, and 1 in Florida.
But our victories haven’t been isolated to just this election. They’ve been happening all along.

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