Greens for Animal Protection

GAP was formed out of the successful animal policy group and had their first AGM at Kidderminster football club.  I was there.
So was Keith Taylor, the Green Party's animal spokesperson nationally.
He said he has been successfully campaigning against the ivory trade.  Nigel Farage was one of the few MPs to vote for this aweful trade in elephant deaths to continue, when it went to European Parliament's plenary.
Keith pointed out that nature laws must be protected with Brexit and that the time is now and the next couple of years, to come together.
We then had breakout sessions.  I discovered it's not just the small animal "rights" chapter we were looking at but how the policies interlink with other sectors such as education and food.  The food at conference is aweful and should be improved, radically, more.
At the AGM I was elected onto committee as a regional officer for London.

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