Don't trust MPs and PR men with ovary health!

I was intrigued by this bizarre headline in the Sunday Telegraph which appears to be a Tory attack on their coalition partners.  The story goes, that the Tories Medical Innovation Bill would allow GP's to give experimental drugs.  It is a worthy thing, but the first we hear in the screaming headline is that it is the brain child of Saatchi, whose wife suffers from Ovarian cancer.

The first thing that occurred to me is wasn't Charles Saatchi photographed strangling his wife in a restaurant?
Was this press release written when they were still an item?
Or is this an other wife?
Why can she not speak for herself on women's matters? (that much is obvious)
and, "Does this mean the end of the coalition?"

When is Ovarian Cancer month?
This is more than a co-incidence that it launched today the 1st of March.
The story is rather off-message because rather than trying to invest in finding a cure we are actually campaigning for better screening with the message "what every woman should remember".
something I'll schedule a tweet about this Saturday

Perhaps Saatchi and his mates should stick to what they know, prostate cancer awareness, rather than use millions of ovaries as a political football.
On prostate cancer, it's very common in my family and my cousin Uri Davis had treatment for it but his ability to hold it in has been slashed as I found out on our bus tour of the West Bank.

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