Sweets Way

I visited Sweets Way on request of the leader of the campaign if there is one.
Poppy was there.  I'm trying to piece together everything as shocking as it is.
I think the main thing to note is that Left Unity made yummy soup, and all parties have expressed support to varying degrees except UKIP.  The Morning Star had a report on it which can probably express it better than me if I could only find it in the online edition.  Also Barnet Times and Barnet Press front pages.
Dilem Kurt had to take the day off work today and agreed in principle to write a letter about the psychological impacts.  She has a Masters degree in psychology.
I am nice and I hate criticism but they are lying about a lot of things.  For one thing the buildings are new and do not need knocking down.  An other is that according to Left Unity Labour used to be much better at street campaigning than they are now.  Barry can't seem to be able to stand with residents.  He told me today on his way out of the building the problem is the council decided to evict 70 families at the last minute with no planning for temporary accommodation.
I came across a rather nice plaque.

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