Someone called Yasmin said on TV the other day she has no choice because the Green Party are the only parliamentary party that aren't anti-immigration.

My MP has still not replied to this letter sent last week, I mean last fortnight... other than auto-reply of course.  If you agree with me please send your MP a letter using , especially if you're in Hendon.
9th November
Dear Matthew Offord,

I am pro migration and always have been.  For me anti-immigration
rhetoric means the same as anti-immigrant rhetoric, and I do not like
the way local people end up blaming and hating each other, so I would
invite you as a candidate for Hendon MP to sign up to a clean campaign
pledge.  The reality is that we are part of the European Union which
gives us a two way street and the right to live as a citizen in any
country in the region (apart from Switzerland, Monaco and so on).  I
wonder what your view is on this.  Would you be able to meet me in
Parliament to let me lobby on this issue which really matters to the
people of Hendon?

Yours sincerely,

Ben Samuel


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