Confronting the far-right

This evening on BBC Radio 4, Dimbleby will chair a panel with Paul Nuttal MEP.  One of the things I focused on during the last days of the Euro-elections-campaign was confronting the far-right.  Labour believe that if they ignore UKIP, they will go away.  However, I am deeply aware along with my European colleagues of all faiths and none, that Fascism is enjoying a come-back in Europe.  In many ways it has always been there since the first colonialists in 1492.  Therefore it is pertinent that the debate is taking place in the City of London School, which is founded from the profits of the slave trade.

Like Christopher Columbus, Paul Nuttal MEP is a flat-earther, and it is deadly serious.  He believes that wind turbines are going to invade the country.  I hope Greens will be there to tell him firmly that racism and xenophobia is not on in British Politics, because Labour would rather forget about immigration and the deficit altogether.  I have never been so angry as when UKIP and their facist mates get on the airwaves.

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