Me? Vote? But what for?

I am writing this to urge anyone who hasn't yet decided to vote to please go and do so!

This is not about me telling you what to do.  If anything it's the opposite.  There's a real chance that today and as the polls close later, you will be able to get rid of those pesky politicians and re-decorate the Town Hall!

We say: Do you have a view on how the council is run?  People tell us their concerns on all sorts of things.  Rarely are people not interested.

If you haven't registered to vote: It is not too late to do that.  You should know your rights.  Someone told me before that 50% of young people aren't registered to vote.  Unfortunately I've only been able to encourage people who are registered, because as a political party we can find them and knock on their doors.

If you don't know anything about the candidates: You who are already in office using the website: and entering your post-code.
If you don't know anything about the parties: A little web-surfing can go a long way.  The BBC website is a good start and has lots of information about how to compare the different parties.

If you don't trust them: Find out how you can get more involved.  Why not join a political party and change things from the inside, donating a bit of money or time?
Alternatively you could support an independent candidate or stand as an independent in four years time.

If you're still not satisfied: There is something called the marked register.  Parties will buy this after the election to find out who has gone to vote.  They might not bother talking to you afterwards in future campaigns if you have not gone to vote, because your name will be marked on this as a non-voter.  Go along, get your ballot paper, and write a rude word on it.  That is how to show your disgust better than staying at home!

Personally I shall be voting Green Party because every vote for us counts and we're putting our all into this 2014 election.  The fact that a proportional election co-incides with the locals gives us the chance to synergise the two campaigns in one, allowing us to send a leaflet to every household in the country.  Green Party are my choice because I distrust the other parties to represent my interests when it comes to protecting the environment and representing future generations.  I know Greens because I've worked with them and they are the nicest, most decent, and don't stand just to get elected, but to do a worthwhile campaign.  I've enjoyed the debates but sadly through my involvement with the anti-cuts movement and youth branch of the Greens, the other parties have not stood up to what is going on.  So I am voting Green which is the only European Group actively campaigning against the secret treaty which puts so called free-trade over our right to a welfare state, a clean water supply for London, and so on.  I am voting to re-elect our Green Party MEP because even though we will probably lose locally, she is my radical voice for all the region, against racism, for human rights, against climate change.... for the common good.

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